Made to grow up

I previously did a tiny post on a video why soldiers are awesome. The following is just a little story on soldiers, being a man and on life I guess. I decided to expand on the previous post because not only do I like the video so frigging much, I think there’s a hidden message below on living life. 


Mark and his fellow platoon mates lie down among the bunk beds, his mind racing with thoughts. Training is over for the day. It is now at night and the whole platoon is just preparing to sleep, resting up for yet another dreary day of training the following day. Mark has been in his basic military training for a couple of months now, training every day into the night.

It’s the first time in his life he’s been subjected to such rigorous training. Physically, it’s been insane. Push ups, crunches, running, weight training, firing a weapon and more running. The sweat never stops.

Mentally, it’s been a big challenge. He is away from his family. He hasn’t seen his family in that couple of months. He misses his home, his bed, the home-cooked food and most of all, his girlfriend.

Mark is just a recruit. The lowest rank ever in the military.

He wonders whether it’s all worth it. The war seems so far away now. How is that important to him? “I am just one man”, that thought keeps going through his head over and over. How ironic is it too, Mark thought, that all the training, knowledge, and life would all be gone, with one single bullet. Things wouldn’t mean shit then.

Life suddenly seemed so meaningless.


The Colonel is now posted at Iraq. He works straight from the command center as his troops go out in the battlefield. He plans strategies, tactics and give orders. His mind is always alert, never surrendering to resting. He wants things to be perfect.

He knows his men’s lives depend on him.

Despite the high rank he holds and the great amount of respect the whole battalion has for him, the Colonel is a wreck deep down.

Never has he ever thought that life is such a fragile thing. All the blood shed he has seen, soldiers screaming out of pain, for death. His men dying in front of him, without their eyes or legs. He saw good, honorable soldiers die in an unlucky instant, just by being at the wrong place, at the right time for that single bullet going through the head.

Now it just feels like a game. He gives orders from the command center, seeing LED images onscreen from the satellite. People die, but they just literally die with a blink.

When will the game end? The Colonel wonders all the time. There just seems to be no winners.

With every death in the game the Colonel goes back to the bunk beds every night, a little bit of him dead inside.


Just like soldiers, Mark and the Colonel fight on anyway. They don’t question orders. They just do it.


You just do it anyway

Well that’s just life isn’t it: Doing shit you don’t feel like doing.

But you know what? That’s the making of an adult and A MAN right there. That’s how you become a real man.

I don’t mean just becoming a soldier of course. I hate the army. I was in it for a couple of years and I found it such a waste of time.

But again, you know what? I became a man inside.

This is how the formula of growing up kind of goes:

Do you like it? No

Does it make you feel good? No

Do you do it anyway?


I am all for passion and doing shit you love, but too bad, this is the world. You are bound to do things against your will. But it’s things like these which makes sure you don’t end up becoming a fat, spoilt brat who expects the world to revolve around him, like that little boy in Harry Potter, his fucking annoying cousin.

That’s how you become a man. You don’t expect things to go your way all the time. You grow up the good, and fast way this way.

Go back to your bunk beds  and think about that.

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