Look at these freaking weirdos

Look at these freaking weirdos.

Look at this guy who got cheated on by his long-time girlfriend, or wife. But he didn’t consider it a death sentence. He didn’t bitch about her behind her back and condemn her to hell. He didn’t get back at her by cheating on her either. He just learnt to forgive. What a weirdo man.

Look at this guy who lost a ton of money, like six-figures worth. But he think it was the end of the world. He didn’t let money dictate his self-esteem. He knows that money is everywhere and it goes up, and it goes down. So he picked himself up and continued to work hard. Weird!

Look at this guy who thinks it’s not cool to take advantage of a drunk girl who’s super hot. Instead, he made sure he got home safe. He even replied, “No. You’re drunk. I don’t think you actually want this” when she drunkenly offered to make out with him. What?! Is this weird dude gay?!

Look at this guy who cares more about his art than money. He refused to accept that large amount of money and let the corporate guys change his shit. Sickening! What delusions does this weirdo have?

Look at this guy who stood up for that person everyone else is bitching about. He opposed the entire group and said, “You guys don’t even know that person, why are all so mad? Why are you guys bitching about unfounded rumors?” What the fuck?! This weird man dared to speak up, alone!

Look at this guy who helped others for free. Absolutely no charge! And he didn’t sneak it an upsell either! He just didn’t mind helping and he gave you every fucking thing he knew for free! Holy! Weird shit man.

Look at this guy who actually learnt his lesson and became a better person, like even better than you. It’s like he actually brings forth possibilities that humans shouldn’t be judged based on what they were.

So, so weird.

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