Why ‘Living’ Is Simply The Only Answer You Need In Your Life To All Your Problems

You want to be a dancer? Then you gotta take dance classes, perfect every step and join competitions.

But oh wait, that professional dancer just said that all you should is simply have fun with the music while nothing else matters.

You want to be a writer? Then you gotta read books on writing, write everyday and have a blog.

But oh wait, that famous author just said you only need to write from the heart and the rest will take care of itself.

You want to be a speaker? Then you gotta practice speaking everyday, be trained by a mentor and also go for talks yourself to gather inspiration.

But oh wait, that inspirational speaker you look up to just said on stage, “Fuck all of that! Just have fun yo!”

You want to be a singer? Then you gotta take singing classes and join American Idol.

But oh wait, your idol just said in an interview that he got to where he is by having fun and playing stupid music in his garage when he was young.

You want to be a businessman? Then you gotta learn marketing, take up a business course and get investors.

But oh wait, those billionaires you see today said they dropped out from college, started their project for the fun of it and didn’t expect it to be so big today.

You want to be a good kid? You always do your best then by giving your mom money, spending time with her and talking to her.

But oh wait, she’s always finding something new to nag about anyway.

You want to be… oh fuck it.

Honestly, you can be whatever the fuck it is you want to be.

You just have to be it by being it yourself.

That my friends, is a notch above the cliched advice that is, “Be yourself.”

To be yourself is to live through gathering experience, fucking up to learn and taking all in to feel that singular feeling deep within that you know for certain is the most right thing in the world.

How do you know so?

Because you’re feeling it.

Your experience and memories will never lie to you.

Anything less than that are mere advice which are only stories that can guide you.

Those are not your stories. Only you can pen your life down.

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