What a little fat kid taught me about life


Okay I’m feeling a little more inspired lately.

And since I love to write and I write a blog… it sort of hit me. Why am not writing everyday considering I’ve like a million ideas?

So yep. Expect to hear more from me.

Anyway I’ve got an amusing story for you today. It’s about a fat kid I encountered years ago and it taught me a little something about anger, patience and life.

A couple of years ago I was going to trade a video game with some guy I met online.

Yup. We do that here.

In order to save money on games, people would scour the forums online to look for people who are willing to sell off their games at a cheaper price than retail or trade games whole.

I finished off a game at that time and was looking to trade it for something else. And as good luck had it, I found someone who wanted to trade me a game 1-for-1 for mine. It was a win-win deal!

So we agreed to meet at 6:30PM at the train station.

I arrived on time. He wasn’t there.

I waited.

My first text to him was, “Hey, I’m here.”

His reply was like, “OH I’m on my way! Sorry I’m a little late.”

I waited… and waited… and waited…

I was getting annoyed.

So I texted him again, like in a passive aggressive sort of way, “Oh ok. Let me know ya? Got to rush off somewhere…”

And I did indeed had to rush off. I was going for a session of Bboying.

I waited… and waited again.

I was getting pissed then. In my head I was like, “Geez. God damn stupid guy who can’t even organize his time well.”

Finally. He came.

And what I saw shocked me.

It wasn’t a guy. It was a kid. And he was pretty damn fat.

He walked up to me smiling, wearing his oversized, light-blue t-shirt, his long bermudas that stretched past his knees and his brown sandals. And he wore a huge sling bag that slung across his entire body. His t-shirt
was a little stained too, probably from his dinner.

I was like two heads taller than him and most likely twice his age at least.

We made the trade. His eyes lit up when he saw the game he wanted.

He flashed a huge smile and said, “Thank you!”. And then he ran off (or rather, hopped off), probably to go home to play the game.

I walked off to board my train.

Then he texted me again, “Thank you so much! :)”

And guess what? I checked my watch and it was like 6:45 PM.

It really hit me.

I felt so damn bad for being so impatient and annoyed at that little kid. All for a mere 15 minutes and the preconceived notion that my time was valuable and nobody had better steal that away from me.

That’s what a little fat kid taught me that day.

I think we’re all too damn impatient in this day and age.

We want to keep rushing. We don’t think to slow down and appreciate the moment.

We think that we if miss the bus, the train or whatever, our life becomes that much worse, as if losing a major prerogative, and that’s when we ask, “Why does this shit happen to me?”

We never stop to think for others and/or just give others a little chance.

I had money back then you know. I could have bought a new copy of the game from any shop and that would have been that.

But somewhere out there, in my case, was a little kid who was looking forward to play that very game, a game that received controversial reviews online, because you know, internet.

Gamers and nerds alike like to bitch and rant online about how shitty something is just because others like it.

And yet, that very thing you love to bitch about? It makes a difference to somebody out there. You just don’t know how lucky you really are.

So  are you always rushing, feeling annoyed and all that?

Slow down man.

It’s okay.

Life is made so that you can appreciate the shit out of it.

When you start the course of appreciation, I guarantee you’re going
to realize how lucky you really are.

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