The Life Check list: 12 Immature things that make you look like a bitch

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You know how I like to talk about being real? That’s why I get in your face when it comes to personal development and life itself.

I really love to write and impact people such that they go, “Oh my god! He said! Finally somebody said it!”

That’s what I always aim for. I think so many so-called “self-help” bloggers lack this, giving you boring ass advice all the time.

So here’s a check list of immature things you shouldn’t do. Time to reflect if you find yourself doing any of these!

1) Arguing publicly on Facebook – Nobody cares really. People are just laughing and enjoy the show you’ve put on.

2) Abruptly leaving a Whatsapp group– Or any chat group. I’ve seen people get pissed over a little thing and literally storm out! Then the rest of us start talking about that guy.

3) Shouting – Curb that temper yo. It’s not worth raising your voice. It’s ugly.

4) Mumbling – And yet, speak up. Mumble or slur, nobody will know what you want.

5) Being a rude guest – When someone says, “Make yourself at home”, NO! You aren’t supposed to treat it like your home and finish all his beer or put your feet up on the table.

6) Flaunting your credentials – I know of kids who always willingly show off their degree, grades and whatever certificate they got. Then they think they’re all that.

7) Heavily gossiping about others – I emphasize on heavy. I think we’re all human and we talk about each other from time to time. But if you do it heavily, then it really shows how insecure you are as you want to put others down.

8) Having double standards – And then you can’t accept it when things don’t go your way. Straight up, if you gossip about others, then don’t get upset if others talk about you. I find it ridiculous when people get upset when they heard somebody said something about them.

9) Showing up late – Only bitches are late.

10) Borrowing money and not returning – Or worse, spending extravagantly when you have yet to pay back. I’ve seen friends telling me they are in need of money, and then the next day they’re on a plane for a trip.

11) Exaggerating stories for your own good – And wow, somehow you’re always the hero of the story.

12) Not respecting the opposite sex – We’re all one. Everybody has feelings. Remember that. Don’t try to take advantage of each other.

Bam! Hope you liked it. I think no.9 gets to me the most.

For a bigger check list on how to become a happy and mature person, check out my course.

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  1. Frank T - April 30, 2014 6:54 pm

    Right on, Alden. What it come down to is what’s motivating you to do what you do. When good intentions are in the driver’s seat, those 12 items are non-issues.

  2. TCI - May 4, 2014 11:13 pm

    I have been reading your blog and I wish I could write as flawlessly as you can and get away with any swear I like. Don’t you hate people who love to brag about their lives? I bet they have such a sucky life they love to live in a dream world. The next thing you know they are getting a divorce and all sorts of shit. I never understand people who share too much about their lives.

    By the way, you have got to respect your host. I once invited a few people for the Christmas dinner. I told them what we can and cannot eat. And this guy turned up with the very thing that we told him not to bring. His comment was that it was all good because he could eat the food he brought all alone. Can you believe it? You can freaking eat it all alone at your own home.

  3. Sir Vantes - June 29, 2014 6:52 am


    #9 does hit the nail squarely on the head.

    Being late is disrespectful to the person (s) kept waiting, simple as that.

    My watch is always five minutes ahead of local time for just that reason.


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