A letter to my 18 year-old self

I always wanted to try out this exercise. I’ve read about it before and seen several bloggers do it. I thought it was kind of cheesy at first, but I think it’s a great reflection exercise.

A letter to my 18 year-old self

Hey man,

This is you, from 10 years in the future.

How’s it going over there? How’s school? Lol how’s your stupid long hair which you refuse to trim cause you think long, floppy fringe is cool?

I actually kind of miss those days.

I know I may come across as “older, annoying dude” here, but really, you’re living in a very good time. You don’t know it yet, but you’re in a more carefree time. As much as studying and some social pressures may get to you, it’s nothing compared to what’s coming up.

In about 6 months time you’ll be entering the army. And it’s going to be a complete waste of time. It blows. But you gotta do it anyway. You’ll man up from it okay?

Anyway… there’s something I need to tell you and it’s going to shock you.

Pa will have to leave us in 2006, when you’re just about to reach 21.

Pa contracted ALS. And you won’t know a thing about it for a long time because Ma and Pa didn’t want to upset both you and Kor.

They may have tried to protect you, but it’s going to hurt like hell still. You’ll cry like a little bitch and start to wonder why life is like that, what’s up with life and why you’re always so angry. You’re going to start to find ways to be happy and keep doing what you love.

That’s when everything starts to change for you. 

You’re going to go to college and fuck up the first semester and then be placed on probation (lol pretty funny actually). But don’t worry, you’ll graduate.

But your degree will be useless. After a couple of jobs, you decided to chase a dream. 

Yes you’re going to start an awesome blog! And it’s going to be tough as shit. You’re going to feel beaten down and yet completely come alive. This blog is a business to you. It’s going to be hard learning everything on your own. That being said, don’t ever be afraid to seek help when you need to.

You’re also still a Bboy. And you love it.

When you’re 26 you’re going to meet the love of your life. And you’re going to want to marry her. For once… you’d understand that very, “I can’t explain it” feeling. Embrace that. She’s going to make you very happy.

Alden, your life ahead is going to be crazy. It ain’t normal, but that’s why you have so much pride in yourself. Normal ain’t so fun, as you’d learn soon. You tend to be angry… a lot of times, but that’s okay. You’re not sick, depressed or anything like that. 

Everything became like that because Pa had to go. It’s something you’re going to have trouble understanding and letting go of. But it pretty much will dictate your life and make you the man I am today. 

Which is why you’re going to be pretty inspiring in your blog and also a badass in life. Did I mention you’re going to fall out with a bunch of friends because you realize they’re retarded and totally not cool at all? 

You held back a lot due to misguided notions of being a nice guy. Well they weren’t really misguided, but you forgot about being nice to yourself first.

I’m starting to ramble.

Basically… just try to be happy. Stop being angry so much. You’re a pretty cool guy.

And try to spend more time with Pa.



P.S. You’ll not be receiving this letter. That’s just how life goes. You’re going to be learning things the hard way and accepting the mysteries of life. Stay strong. 

What do you all think?

I can only say it helps. Go try it out. Penning your thoughts down always helps, whether you’re pissed, sad or whatever.

This exercise is also in my book Ready Your Life, where I explain it deeper.

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  1. Steven J Fromm - May 10, 2013 12:41 pm

    Very nice letter Alden. At 62 mine will be too long and also bittersweet. Way to bring perspective on life’s journey.

  2. Frank T - May 22, 2013 7:03 pm

    Thanks, man. I have to give this a try!

    • alden - May 27, 2013 6:12 am

      Go ahead brah!


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