My letter of assurance to you


Dear you,

I’m going to be blunt.

I’m pretty annoyed. I’m annoyed that all the victims in the world are not supported well enough. They’re always told to “get over it”, “man up”, “toughen up”, “life is unfair. Accept it” or that “good guys finish last.”

Then all the bad guys seem to have it easy as they get away with hurting people.


Let me assure you. Bad guys never get away with it.

A person who has cheated you and stole your money will never find true happiness, for he is chasing money. When one chases money, it will be a never ending path of unhappiness.

So don’t ever think he’s living it up with your money. I assure you, that person is not happy.

A bully who is terrorizing your life is suffering deeply. They do not take pleasure in making your life difficult. They’re feeling a lot of pain inside, a kind of pain they do not even understand. That’s why they lash out on the world.

So don’t ever feel like a bully has power over you. I assure you, that person is extremely angry, hateful, sad and depressed about his own life. Pity them instead, for they do not have the same amount of love you have in your life.

A partner who betrayed your trust in a relationship is not a happy person either. He or she did not find new “love”. They only lost the privilege of being with a good person like you.

So don’t ever feel like you don’t deserve love in life. I assure you, the right one will come. Whoever did not appreciate their time with you will never be as happy again.

You, whoever has wronged you do not ever “win”. They do not have an edge over you. They do not get away with it either.

You may not see it or even hear about it, but everything I’ve said is true.

It’d be nice to see it with your own eyes eh? It’d probably help you feel that much better.

But let’s not waste our time anymore on such thoughts. We’re good people, and we don’t waste our time on revenge, getting back at others or getting even.

We have each other.

So have faith you. Ignore the bad people in life. You’re already way ahead of them. You’re winning in this game of life since you’re a good person who doesn’t need to take it out on others.

You’re awesome. You rock. You’re beautiful. You’re talented. You’re capable. You’ve many great things waiting for you. You’re inspiring. You’re fun to be with. You’re kind. You’re helpful. You’re gentle. You’re considerate. You’re gorgeous. You’re nice. You’re sexy. You’re lovely. You’re super cool.

You’re everything you’re made out to be, and that’s really something.

I got your back you, this I assure you.


End letter.I hope it at least made you feel that much better in life.

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  1. Brian Ross - April 15, 2014 10:37 am

    LOVE This!I will live it as well!!

  2. Denise - April 15, 2014 1:38 pm

    I found this particular insight useful to the deep. Alden mostly speaks to my heart. I say GO GO ALL the way Alden

  3. Guus - April 16, 2014 4:26 am

    Thanks, just needed to hear this today. I know all those things, but still, if your partner still behaves bad, you sometimes forget. Thanks.

  4. Noel - August 21, 2016 6:02 am

    Fuckin’ rockin’ You just spoke to my soul,,, Alden

  5. Tracy - May 17, 2017 10:51 am

    I know this is an older writing of yours but just had to comment showing my appreciation, it made me feel so much better about some of the things that happened in my life. I choose to forgive and move on and away from the person who has hurt me. I never want revenge that just makes the baggage so much heavier to carry around. Bitterness will only slow you down. Your writing says it beautifully and exactly how to get past the disappointment and not feel like the fool who should have known better. Thx


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