Learn how to end your day right

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Going to bed isn’t just about getting ready to sleep for the next eight hours or so.

It’s about ending your day right.

And how do you do that exactly?

You go to bed with peace of mind. You leave whatever worries you endured during the day to the side. 

You don’t go to bed pissed off.

You don’t go to bed feeling sad.

You don’t go to bed feeling confused about what’s going to happen the next day.

You just go to bed.

Your bed is your sanctuary, wherein the night brings about a time for you to reset and recharge for the next day. Your bed does not need all your emotions involved. It just wants you to chill.

Well, this is if you don’t live in a haunted house or some shit.


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  1. Jaan - October 16, 2015 4:42 pm

    Good point definitely, though not necessarily easy to do. If you already have a bunch of stuff running through your head, it may be difficult to get it out of your head before going to sleep. The other option is to not go to sleep, but that’s probably even worse.


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