The art of taking the Leap of Faith

You’re standing at the edge. You aren’t exactly sure what to do yet at the same time, you do sort of know what to do.

Half of you knows what to do and the other half doesn’t know jack shit.

That’s why you are never exactly sure whether you should quit that shitty job, end the destructive relationship, go travel alone, start a business or buy some expensive thing.

And when you don’t take that leap, you live on, wondering what could have been so for you.

Would you have gotten a new job?

Would your business idea have pan out and perhaps made a lot of money?

Maybe you’d have met a ton of new hot chicks or hot guys when you finally break off from the relationship.

You always ask, “What if?”

You’re lucky if you get to grow up comfortably and not completely with regret.

My own art of the Leap

Hear this man.

I quit my job in late 2011. That effectively meant a loss of income, stability and going straight into unemployment. Yeah, guy with a bachelors degree, not making use of it.

Back in 2012 I also met my girlfriend, who does not stay in the same country as me. Despite all the discouragement I got about how long distance relationships never work out and miscellaneous bullshit, racial stereotypes I had to deal with, I still took that leap, made her my girlfriend.

Today I’m happy as fuck.

I’ve learnt to give strong writing and market a blog like a business. I even managed to earn some money, all on my own. Solopreneur yo, as they call it.

And my girl and I love each other.

Was the leap hard? Scary? Paralysing?

Yeah it was, but it doesn’t always have to be.

The problem with the Leap

Is that nobody ever bothers to explain beyond, “Just take the leap of faith”, “Take the plunge” or “Gain balls and jump”.

And in turn, the leap which should be easy in the first place becomes way too complicated.

Why? Because we’re all emotional creatures. We’ve feelings, which are mixed with thoughts and shit.

So giving it to us straight without any form of context rarely ever works. And I’ve had it with positive people and “gurus” just telling us how to make the jump.

More often than not, people who’ve successfully taken the leap are practically forced into it, like finally exploding at an incompetent boss “Fuck you! I can do this shit better”.

Or just walking out of your girlfriend’s home once you realized you couldn’t take her abuse any more “Bitch, I’m going home”.

The transition was not smooth, but done nonetheless.

It really doesn’t have to be like that…

The Leap is your calling

It works as a sign.

When you actually do hit a point, your crossroads, your hardest decision or whatever, it is a sign for you to take it.

It isn’t there for you to decide, think or analyse. It’s there for you to take it.

You’re only deciding because of the crap thrown to you by the world and other people, also known as discouragement.

A good friend of mine, Jason from Ryze Online,once advised me on what to do when it comes to making a big decision, in my case back then, quitting my shitty part-time job.

“When it comes to life-changing decisions, weighing the pros and cons rarely work. They only work for your day-to-day decisions over minor stuff. Making a huge, life-changing decision require inspiration, courage and true gut-checks”. There’re tons of people in the world who ‘found stable income’ and ‘transitioned smoothly’ elsewhere, but there’s also tons of people who made bold, scary decisions and rose up from that.”

And I’m extremely grateful for you. Clear cut, and simple.

So don’t ever forget about the people who’ve taken the leap.

They’re everything, but you may not hear or see them as you’re blinded by your own life. Look out for them! Look out for the people who share their rag-to-riches stories, go from zero to hero and of course, the “Quitting my job was the hardest decision I ever made, but now it’s the best” guys.

Life is simple man, don’t over analyse it.

The head and the heart

I know, I know.

Your life is hard. You can’t just take the leap just yet.

You want to listen to your head. After all, that’s where you’re thinking right?

There’s always this thing between the heart and mind, as if it’s some ongoing battle.

Now let me tell you this: The head worries about EVERYTHING!

No, it’s not “precaution”, “sensibility” or taking notes, ala pros and cons. It’s not just you thinking about this one special case, the Leap.

Your head is there for you think to think, but you need to thread carefully and recognize whether it’s plain worrying about everything anyway just because. And subsequently preventing you for doing some awesome.

The Leap is not dangerous. It’s not crazy or insane either. I never mentioned anything about the Leap being reckless or foolhardy. Never!

By all means, take the necessary steps, precaution or guidance you need, but never let your head trick you into thinking you can’t do something. At the very least, make sure what little thing you’re doing is moving you forward.

The head always asks, “What if?” eventually, but the heart says… well it actually doesn’t say a damn thing because you just feel it. And when you do, that’s your truth.

How to take the leap of faith

You just take it.

Want a little help?

You stop what you’re doing. Breath. Relax. Meditate a little. Sleep on it.

Wake up.

Go jump.

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  1. Vincent Nguyen - March 15, 2013 6:53 am

    Great article, Alden. The leap of faith really is often advised without context and you did a great job of breaking it down.

    I often find myself in the role of the over-thinker who seems to be stunted the more options there are. Stopping what I’m doing to breathe and do that mental coin flip seems to be what gets me to take The Leap.

    • alden - March 18, 2013 3:50 am

      For real man. It has turned into a tired cliche for some.

  2. Steve - March 19, 2013 2:49 am

    Great article Alden! I’m taking the leap and will be going to Europe alone this summer!

    • alden - March 19, 2013 5:06 am

      Nice! For holiday?

      Travelling alone isn’t that scary. When I did it, it was surprisingly liberating.

      • Tiffany - April 11, 2013 6:50 pm

        I have really enjoyed reading your stuff Alden. It’s helped me move forward in doing exactly what you’ve been talking about. I’m on the pursuit of happiness, and I got tired of the 9-5 and all the stress that came with it so I literally took a leap of faith when I quit my job just over a month ago. I don’t have a full-on success story to tell just yet, but the happiness and positive change in my spirit has been beautiful, and the amount of money I’m making finally doesn’t have a thing to do with how happy I am. Thanks for the motivation and great insight.


        • alden - April 12, 2013 3:25 am

          That’s the insightful spirit.

          That’s the feeling you’ll remember all your life. No amount of money or status can match that.

          Sides, what is money? Fuck money. It’s important. But don’t chase it.

  3. Motivational Speaker | Craig Harper - March 20, 2013 5:46 am

    Hey Alden.

    I love it when people take a leap of faith.

    There’s something to be said for jumping off a cliff. You can’t half do it. You either jump or you don’t. It’s absolute. Once you’ve jumped there’s no un-jumping. From the moment you take that first step, the matter of staying motivated becomes redundant because you are now unconditionally committed.

    With one courageous step you find yourself disconnected from everything that kept you stuck. Grounded. You are now in the middle of an experience, not some kind of theory, plan or intention. You are doing not thinking. That one step creates massive shift.

    On multiple levels.


    • alden - March 21, 2013 4:58 am

      For sure. You made it nice and simple.

      That’s how it should be end of the day. Everybody has their reasons, however legitimate or not, end of the day it’ll always go back to their own responsibility.

  4. Sarah Li Cain - May 13, 2013 5:45 am

    You know, taking a leap of faith has led me to live in two different countries in the past 5 years. I remember being hesitant about going to work in China, and I’m still here 4 years later, happily married, and in the process of starting a business. Sometimes you just gotta trust that the universe is out there looking after us, or at least if things turn to shit you know you just gotta go another way.

    • alden - May 13, 2013 4:56 pm

      You’re awesome. Don’t think I can even move overseas for that long alone.

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