Latest Facebook update: Problem? Or problem in you?

Yesterday, like everyone else, I basically spent a lot of time, no the whole day reading about people bitching about the latest Facebook update. The layout has changed and it has pissed many people off apparently.

Nobody likes changes I guess.

The thing about bitching and complaining basically means presenting a problem. You may be angry, upset or annoyed and you want some fucking answers, NOW! And you sure as heck want your run-of-the-mill suggestions to be used immediately.

So when we are not satisfied, we just let it out. It is perfectly normal.

Or you could that take extra step further

By always providing solutions and suggestions, REAL possible suggestions mind you, not dumb shit to suit your personal whims or something to do with turning back time.

This is just a little something I learnt at work. I had my queries for my boss, and all he said was, “Well, do these questions come with answers from you?”

You can either be the thinker, or the drone. The drone throws responsibility to someone else all the time.

Now nobody is expecting you to change Facebook to back the way it was or even hope that those “fucked up, brainless assholes” inside would even listen to your feedback. That is why in life you learn to suck it up, deal with it and move on.

Your mouth can only bring you so far… unless you are a porn star.

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  1. cassandra - September 30, 2011 6:46 am

    Hahaha. I like this post, esp the last sentence. 🙂 I delete or hide all the complainers on my Facebook. 🙂


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