A judge judges, that’s why we do the same

I remember reading up the case about this asshole kid who sexually assaulted a drunk girl and the bigger commotion came about when he was ‘only’ given a lenient sentence of six months jail.

Not surprisingly, there was outrage. People all over the world just wanted the kid to suffer as much as possible.

This isn’t uncommon. Time and time again you read about how this asshole or that asshole commit some horrific crime and then they seem get to away with it easy.

It begs to be asked then: Why?

Why is this happening?

Why isn’t there justice?

Why are the judges and the court system so screwed up?

Then I read a very compelling explanation to why said asshole kid was supposedly let off easy. You can read it here.

Now, I am not justifying rape or other violent crimes. I don’t condone them. I personally think rape is worse than murder, in some sense as the victim needs to live with the trauma for the rest of his or her life.

Anyway, without going too deep into explanation, basically, the judge who served that sentence had to tackle the following dilemma: “Would a heavy sentence ensure that he comes back out to society as a better person who can contribute to those around him? Or would a lighter sentence accomplish that?”

That’s what I got out of it as a layman. There’re obviously many other factors involved with different consequences.

It’s just something to think about you know? You may angrily punish someone, but that anger may, nay, will seep into the future and cause even more pain. More outrage then.

That’s why we judge. We judge to protect ourselves, which is why I always feel that the whole dogma of not judging a book by its cover is a self-serving one, meaning for the annoying, pretentious preacher who spews forth this shit all the damn time. They forget that sometimes, when you don’t judge, you end up being wrong instead.

A judge judges. The executioner punishes.

Think about it.

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  1. John - June 25, 2017 5:15 pm

    This post makes no sense and seems to applaud judging a book by its cover, one of the most criminal offenses out there


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