It’s never logical

People like to talk about how life is unfair and that we need to accept that.

That is true. It doesn’t make life logical at all of course.

That is when we start to wonder why innocent people get hurt, why the world is fucked up and why bad people win.

But that’s just how life is. It’s never logical.

It’s not logical when innocent people get hurt.

It’s not logical when you didn’t do anything to hurt others, but you get hurt instead.

It’s not logical when you do something nice for someone, but they don’t say thanks in return.

It’s not logical when you’re minding your own business, and somebody decides to find a problem with you.

It’s not logical to see the nicest of people get cancer.

It’s not logical to hear about the healthiest of your friends to drop dead and die for no reason.

However, you can flip it around and bring this illogical situation in life to the other side.

It’s not logical that you’d win the lottery and start living a rich life from just buying a mere ticket.

It’s not logical that your loved ones would choose to forgive you even though you fucked up major, several times.

It’s not logical that your mom would love you unconditionally even though you let her down constantly.

It’s not logical that a stranger would lend a helping hand when they don’t even know you at all.

It’s not logical when things fall into place nicely for seemingly no reason.

That’s life. It has no logic.

Logic resides in the head, and you can only get so many answers there.

The real answer always lies in your heart. That is why you need to go back there from time to time and all the time eventually.

And it really doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Do what you love. Try to be happy. Don’t hurt others.

That’s all.

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