It is only

It’s never really okay to say that something is only something. It is vulgar and hurtful. It’s not only something. Sometimes, it has the weight of the world.

It’s not only mere words. Words can hurt.

It’s not only a joke. Sometimes, it’s not funny.

It’s not only a bit of money, especially not to a beggar.

It’s not only your own beliefs. Others have their own beliefs too.

It’s not only your way. Other people have their own methods.

It’s not only your life. Others are alive too and that’s something you can never fully empathize with.

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  1. Joel - June 3, 2017 7:25 pm

    Deep. How often do we use the term “it’s only” without ever considering how the other person feels. You’re completely right…it may be “only” to us but to them, it can be so much more.


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