Is diet coke good for you?

Is Diet Coke/Coke Light/Coke Zero/Pepsi Lite or whatever other drinks that are supposedly healthier actually good for you?

Do these drinks really have ZERO calories?

My answer: I don’t know for sure. I have no proof.

I ain’t going to bore you with many statistics and facts, but let me tell you what I feel about these diet drinks.

First off, yes, you STILL get fat from diet drinks. Apparently the drinks contain artificial sweeteners that triggers your appetite. The lack of real sugar doesn’t give any satisfaction, hence not feeling full at all.

That means you EAT more and become that fat shit you hate!

You must be a dumb bitch to think that diet drinks can replace water. A soda is a soda. It isn’t water hence isn’t exactly healthy. It’s probably okay to drink occasionally with a meal once in a while, but to drink it all the time as if it’s water? That’s dumb.

Also, if you want to drink a soda, drink a real soda. There’s nothing more annoying than ordering some half-assed drink and thinking that you are damn healthy or something.

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