The Irony Of People Who Love To “Hustle”

Ever since I started blogging, I made a lot of connections with other bloggers, internet marketers and entrepreneurs.

And I’ve come to realize how ironic the relationships all are.

These guys claim to be passionate about what they do.

These guys claim to love helping people.

These guys claim that they want to make a world a better place.

These guys constantly post inspirational quotes on Facebook and Instagram.

These guys LOVE to humblebrag i.e. post long, drawn out posts on social media about their struggles and how they overcame it under the guise of wanting to inspire others when in fact, it’s just to draw attention to themselves.

It’s all part of the “hustle.”

And it’s ironic as fuck.

I don’t talk to these guys anymore. I don’t get to!

Most conversations I’ve had with them are with a purpose. They want something from me, all the time.

Other non-business related conversations are cut short. Why? Because they need to go back to hustling.

In other words, it’s all lip service.

Oh, they’d come back from time to time to check on me, but sooner or later you tend to realize it’s an insult to anyone’s intelligence.

I am just going to say it straight…

These guys are not your friends.

These guys do not care about you.

These guys care nothing about who you are as a person.

These guys only want to know how you can benefit them.

These guys are full of shit.

Now that’s all fine and dandy, it’s just business… no wait, it’s not okay. It’s not okay at all.

It irks me as an artist…

… a person who cares deeply about art.

… a person who is highly empathetic.

… a person who thinks money shouldn’t be the main validation in life.

It’s just not okay. It’s not cool. It’s super annoying.

All I can say is, everybody in life leads their unique paths on their own time.

Let them.

Fucking let them.

I let people keep on keeping on.

That’s how each one of us lives.

If you want to hustle, hustle on your own. Your textbook answers aren’t really needed.

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