Interview with Aaron Jackson: Exposer of The Truth

There is a cure for cancer.

The government is hiding a lot of shit from us. What you read in the news aren’t exactly true. There are aliens out there. What you eat today is also harming your body.

There’s a lot of truth hidden from us… What do you think?

There’s definitely a lot of controversy going around , especially when you want to dive to the “other side”. Whether you believe or not, it’s up to you. I personally think it’s cool to open up to new ideas all the time.

So anyway! I snagged an interview with my good friend Aaron Jackson, owner of Exposing The Truth. He’s a real expert when it comes to well, finding the truth in a lot of issues. He also gave me a lot of resources about cancer as I told him my aunt was recently diagnosed with it.


He’s a cool guy. He’s knowledgeable and has a ton of insights.

So are all these “truth” ideas full of shit? Are they real? Are we being lied to everyday? Read the interview if you truly want to open up in life.

1) Hey Aaron! First off, tell us a little about yourself and what gave you the inspiration of starting Exposing The Truth.

I’m 24. I’m finishing off a bachelors degree in Robotics and have a very wide range of interests. Back in 2009 there wasn’t many dedicated truth pages or groups on Facebook. At first I created the UK Truth Movement group which turned into The Worldwide Truth Movement group which is still going strong now. Only large companies were using pages back then but I decided to try it out, so I created Exposing The Truth and it grew quite rapidly from there. We tried having a website a couple of years ago but didn’t dedicate any time to it. Our current website was set up in 2012 and then Exposing The Truth Ltd was registered in 2013. My main inspiration for creating it was that I was seeing lots of posts around Facebook about various topics, but there was no dedicated place for them to be seen and posted. Exposing The Truth, as far as I know is the first truth based page on Facebook.

2) Do you personally believe that, when it comes to bigger issues, there is always a hidden truth behind it all?

Most things that are to do with large sums of money or war contain corruption and manipulation, and often these things cannot be proven so we just speculate.

 3) What do you think sets you and your team apart from other typical websites that talk about truth?

We try to remain as ethical as possible. We fact check things and try not to let opinion get posted as fact. We don’t publish conspiracy theories as facts, and if we find a conspiracy theory to be incorrect we may publish the truth about it, even though it means getting massive backlash from conspiracy theorists. I believe there is a difference between conspiracy theorists and truth seekers. We don’t consider ourselves to be conspiracy theorists.

 4) It looks you guys cover a lot! I’m seeing government conspiracies, aliens, UFOS, medical science, genetically-engineered food etc. Which field interests you the most and why?

We don’t really cover aliens and UFOs because we cannot really prove them, regardless of our personal beliefs about them. Science is where a lot of truth is, but of course a lot of science is still bad science because of government conspiracies, corruption, manipulation etc. It’s hardly even alternative news any more. Some things get covered well while other things don’t get covered at all by mainstream media, so if we find those important unreported things, we will try to get them out.

 5) The idea that there is always a hidden truth behind everything we see tends to be very far fetched and negative to some. Some people even think all these “conspiracies” are full of shit. Do you think finding the truth can have a negative impact on us all?

It can get depressing, but the most depressing stage about getting into conspiracy or truth related topics is paranoia from disinformation. There is a lot of fear-mongering disinformation and misinformation out there. I don’t really believe in any agenda to kill 90% of the population, things that have to do with the the hype of chemtrails, vaccines, etc. While we should still ask questions, people are ignorant in both mainstream and alternative media. The only real difference is acceptance of the government or rejection of it. There isn’t as much to worry about as a lot of people think, and there is a lot more that one person can do to make great changes than people think too. We aren’t doomed, and yes, a lot of conspiracies have little basis and are just fear-mongering. There have been a lot about depopulation, ISON, 2012, FEMA, and they never come to pass.

 6) Unfortunately, a lot of us are too busy with the struggles of our own lives to deal with these big ideas and truth. How do you think the average person can start opening up to the bigger ideas then?

I think most people have free time, even when we say we don’t. Even if you have to work full time, there are weekends and evenings where people can sit and watch TV for hours. Watching an informative documentary once a week takes up less than 2 hours of time and will teach you something. All communication is an attempt to transfer information between people (or animals and robots), but if the communication is not educational then we find it to be boring or annoying. TV has changed recently in the sense that you have ‘on demand’ services, allowing you to choose what you want to watch at any time. This gives us more control to watch what we want instead of just watching whatever is on TV. The internet is like one massive on demand service. Whatever you do on the internet is your choice. You can even have a different life or set of friends to communicate with about the things you want to know about.

 7) From your personal experience, how does opening up to the bigger ideas and hidden truths create a positive impact on one’s life?

Some truths are more positive than people believe instead of negative. Unfortunately the positive things are also hidden from us by the government, big pharma, the media, etc. But there are positive things, like the truth on health, free or alternative energy, cancer cures, water purifications, recycling techniques and even meeting people locally that are more on your wavelength. Knowing that we can create positive change or help bring it forward gives us purpose in life. It at least gives me purpose. If you can live a life making the world a better place than it would be without you, then your life was worth it. If not, ask yourself why? Ask yourself whether you feel good about it, whether you feel your life has any value or meaning. If it doesn’t, you should change your life. Why live a life that even you don’t like?

 8) Right now, what do you think is the biggest hidden truth that we’re blinded to?

That we have more power than we believe.

 9) A lot of us, including me, have this belief that we’re just “one person” and hence cannot start making a real change, at least not something huge, tangible or overnight. How then do you think a single person can start making real change?

Make people happy, even if it’s just one person. Help someone out, be more eco-friendly, connect with people. The more dedicated we are the more we can do. There are still things holding us back, but if we stand together, I don’t see anything that can stop us. If anything it is more powerful as we can affect those around us in positive ways.

 10) Aight! To end off, any truth you can tell us to encourage us to live better lives?

Many mainstream-reported statistics and science is incorrect. We have cures for many serious diseases. You just need the right contacts. There are alternative eco-friendly clothes that cost less, or not much more than regular clothes. There are better energy devices than oil or coal based energy production. These things will inevitably come out to the masses. It is just a matter of time. The more people know about and support these ideas then the faster it can become public.

IMG_19122013_141548-150x150Aaron Jackson manages Exposing the Truth.

His Facebook page is about to hit a million likes. Go check it out, give it a like for more thought-provoking news.

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  1. Brian - December 25, 2013 12:40 am

    I would like him to expand on last item. Where to get clothes. Where to find the right contacts for fighting disease and so on. People always say Steve Jobs had access to billions yet didn’t find the right cure. He was in to alternative treatment but it didn’t work. So he went traditional medical route and they are saying he waited to long.

    • Aaron - December 28, 2013 3:55 pm

      You do have to shop around, where I live I can buy a lot of bamboo clothing as it is an upcoming trend, but a lot of other things need to be found online, just search for it. The right contacts for fighting many kinds of disease can be found via people like Ian Jacklin, Magnus Mulliner, Rick Simpson, there are a few websites, but many groups on facebook. Steve Jobs may have waited too long, but he also didn’t pick the fastest and most effective treatments, he was also around strong carcinogens for most of his life, many of which are illegal to use now.


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