5 inspiring stories that need a makeover

I’ve been reading The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard and in one section, he talked about how in the personal development industry, speakers are not stepping up their game.

They’re constantly sticking to old, tired stories.

And I completely agree.

We keep hearing about the same old shit which, while inspiring and meaningful are just super cliché, boring even.

I think most of us are getting smarter as life, society, technology, cultures and ultimately our way of thinking evolve.

All these stories mostly inspire deep into the human psyche in complete no-brainer ways. They work more like reminders.

We need new shit. We need real inspiration which makes people think in a different way altogether. We need stories that inspire so much that it blows people’s minds and make them take action and make a difference in themselves and others around them.

Here’s 5 inspiring stories that need a makeover

The Starfish Story

Summary: About some guy who met another guy at the beach throwing starfish back into the sea. The first guy was like, “Dude, there’s like a million starfish on the shore the fuck you think you doing? Think you making a difference boy?” Second guy was like, “It made a difference to this one”. *Ninja throws another starfish in the sea*.

For the full story go here.

It needs a complete makeover because…

First of all there seems to be zero consistency. Sometimes the starfish thrower is an old man, a young guy or a little girl. Google and you’ll know.

This story has been reiterated many times with the hope of inspiring people. It does make sense, but starfish? Come on.

How about a modern take on the idea of making a difference in someone’s life? There’re many people out there who need help today, like the homeless, the poor, the handicapped or the misunderstood.

A good, inspiring story would show on a little bit goes a long way in the human psyche and how a little bit can go far in terms of changing human emotions. I’d love a story that show how a simple act of kindness snowballs down way into the future, showing the “difference” we want to see.

The Turtle and Hare story

Summary: A turtle and a hare decide to race. The turtle is slow as shit, but the hare is arrogant as fuck. The turtle ends up winning anyway cause the hare was so confident that he fell asleep or something. It therefore goes to show slow and steady wins the race.

For the full story go here.

It needs a complete makeover because…

Kids are way too smart today. They’ve their iPhones, iPads and shit. They aren’t going to care about some turtle and hare or even other animals.

What we need instead is a story that depicts patience in a modern way. We need a story to show kids that, with a little patience, they can definitely expose something within and in turn become passionate, creative and awesome individuals when they grow up. And we need teachers to tell this new story in a way that doesn’t pressurize them so much because we don’t want them to feel useless in school.

Also, we need a story that also focuses on taking pride in who you are and your innate abilities. Like the turtle. It was born slow. But the animal is happy being its natural self.

At the top of my head, a story depicting a poor kid growing up without iPads and shit and turned out to be the inventor of iWhatever would be great.

Zen Fable: The River Crossing

Summary: Click on image below.


If you still want my own summary: Young apprentice monk and his elder monk met some chick at a river. The elder monk carried her across and the young one was like, “Wtf?” because they weren’t allowed to touch females. The elder one then blew his mind as he shot him off with a mind blowing explanation.

It needs a complete makeover because…

Honestly, the first time I heard about this fable a couple of years ago, I was like, “So the older monk is allowed to break rules? What kind of example is he setting?” Is he also teaching you can break the rules as long as you don’t get caught?”.

What is up?

I had a problem with letting go of things, especially when it has got to do with assholes who pissed me off major.

We need a story that’s more personal and empathetic, something that shows letting go of something can be pretty hard sometimes. With that, it would be easy to add to the context of the story of human fallacy.

I do like this fable. The comic is pretty awesome too. It’s simple and straight forward, and makes you think. But, call me a cynical guy, this fable needs to fill up the holes.

Donkey in the well


Summary: Farmer’s donkey fell into a well. Farmer wanted to bury his ass (pun intended) since it was old. But the donkey climbed out of the well eventually when the dirt piled up.

Read the full story here.

It needs a complete makeover because…

Besides the fact that it’s been around forever?

The moral of this story is, “When life throws dirt at you, you shake it off and simply become a better person from there”.

How about a deeper and somewhat darker story of a real person overcoming great odds to rise up better and stronger?

Or better, someone who can gives a true reflection of what a near death experience is like, cause that’s what it seems like to me. There’s a goldmine of inspiration waiting right there.

Also, yeah, animals again. STOP with the animals.

Every damn story of someone who quit his job or got fired

Summary: Somebody reluctantly quits his job or gets laid off and then calls it, “The best thing that ever happened to me” later on.

It needs a complete makeover because…

It’s cliché as fuck.

And it reeks of being unrealistic.

We all want to follow our dreams, but life gets in the way. We’ve our own responsibilities to hold on to. It’s not easy to just let go of them.

We need something more real. We need a story that shows how one can still follow his dreams while not having to take any kind of drastic action just to achieve the former.

Not only will this encourage most people, but also show how ordinary folks can still, at any time, do what they want in life.

The real kinds of stories we need today

You know what’s missing?

We need inspiring, pocket-sized fables/parables/stories of new and worrying issues.

We need to be up to date and start giving hope to people who discourage, getting depressed and even DYING from these real issues.

-We need a story about bullying

Yes we do.

Too many kids today are afraid to go to school just because of a bunch of dumb bullies. Too many kids are imbued with needless fear because of others.

As a result, some kids kill themselves. Fucking sad.

We need a real story of hope that tells victims that it gets better as they grow up. We need to tell them to be strong and not to let bullies run their lives.

We need a story that even speaks for the bully from the other side, showing them how they themselves are innately insecure and repressed due to shitty upbringing by abusive parents. We need a story that describes this cycle of bullying and educate kids on what they should know and feel to get out of it.

As far as I know, this video is the best I’ve seen so far in terms of capturing what a bully is going through. And it’s comedy. Listen, and dig deeper.

– We need a story about attaining Zen for kids

Zen basically means achieving simplicity in this world of chaos.

How about an inspiring story that encourages kids to open up in life as there’s more to life than school, money, career and working extremely hard to get something?

I think it’d be great if kids can be inspired at a young age to start looking within so that they can gain passion, start believing in themselves and realizing there’s more to life.

Heck, if anything, it’d be an awesome story that teaches kids about worldly distraction and how they should, at times stay the hell away from social media.

– We need a story on gender equality

Because women, in some parts of the world are still not treated right.

Like what’s with the news of women getting raped and then being jailed and stoned as if their fault? That shit is messed up.

We need an inspiring, short story that perfectly captures the power of the female gender, and it shouldn’t be just about them getting better jobs and shit, I’m talking about females can think and feel in a special way us guys can’t.

A kid’s version would be great too, teaching the young to respect one another.

– We need a story on sexual equality

A story that wraps up how the content of one’s character doesn’t lie in his or her sexual preference.

We’re moving forward, but a single fable of allowing guys or girls to love one and another and portraying how perfectly normal that is would definitely make waves.

– We need a story on racial equality

Not one that simply shows different races coexisting peacefully together, but a story that emphasizes that at the end of the day, it’s simply skin colour.

This can easily flow into the idea of not being judgemental and that we should always look past one’s outer appearance. Just like how I think if you judge someone for his or her tattoos, you’re a racist.

My personal favourite story:

Below. Much love to Zenpencils for the comics. All credit goes to him. Go check it out and drop him some love. He deserves it.



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    Well done, well said, well put. Enough of the animal analogies!

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      Haha yeah man. We need REAL peeps .


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