The importance of money and how to balance it out

I was talking to a friend about money the other day. And no, it isn’t about how to make more of it.

It was about how money is important. Yet, it isn’t.

I told him how when I unexpectedly make money with the blog, it’s considered an awesome day.

However, when I shell out the most inspiring shit I’ve ever written and NOT make a single cent, it’s considered a pretty “meh” day, like I’d feel there’s no progress whatsoever in my career as a writer.

And that is how it is with money and work, especially when you supposedly love the latter.

Money is tricky as fuck, but it has a permanent place in our lives

Don’t fight it. You know you need money. You know you want some of it. You know you want the ease money can bring into your life.

Again, stop fighting it. Although, sometimes none of us can be blamed, thanks to the different ideas of money out there.

The two most highly unqualified groups

I find that there’re two extremely under qualified groups of people who love to talk about the money.

First, we have the hippies who are constantly ranting on and on about “living life to the fullest” or not being s slave to money or whatever.

They’re not qualified because essentially a lot of them are unemployed and too lazy to do anything except get high and spew forth philosophical ramblings they never follow up with.

Secondly, we have the rich and famous. They’ve already made it. And then they tell you, “Money is not everything.” True, to a certain extent.

But if you’re struggling, going broke or even literally dying, all of this advice suck ass.

The ultimate balance with money you need to uphold

Get this is in your fucking head: Money is important, but the main difference is whether you want to chase it or not.

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To say that money is not important, especially when you don’t even have your basic necessities is extremely ignorant. To say that money is not important, when you’re rich and famous is honestly rather arrogant.

So get that money. You need to survive bitch.

But… you can’t be chasing money.

You can’t work at something for the sole sake of money. You can, but I guarantee your emotions will take a toll. It is a trade off.

You especially can’t claim to do what you love and hope to make money from it. That is a paradox. If you want to create or work on something because you love it then you have to do it because you love it.

It just doesn’t work that way. Anyone who claims they manage to do it are either lucky or they put in the work, mostly the latter. The former are lucky, but stupid.

This is why I’m constantly amazed whenever I write out a piece of shit and magically make money from it, while when I put in a lot of effort in writing, planning and research for the goal of money, I make jack shit.

It’s confusing. It’s scary. And it’s downright frustrating.

What do you do then, really?

You find that balance between doing what you love and making sure you’re doing well enough to survive.

This balance is entirely up to you. Ignore whatever everyone has to say, be they rich, famous or broke. Even if it means getting a job you hate, you do it anyway because you don’t want to go broke.

Survive first. You’ve plenty of time to do what you love and make more money after that.

Now, if you want to make a shit ton of money from doing what you love, you know, chasing that dream, do it for the love. Only. Always. Forever.

See what happens next. It usually works that way.

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  1. Absolutely Tara - March 24, 2015 6:30 pm

    LOVE this post!! The honesty in it is great, and I completely agree. I love how you rephrased the question to be whether or not you want to chase it. I struggle with defining money in my mind. I know I love money. I love that it offers me freedom, ease, and opportunities, but you’re right in that I can’t chase something just for the sake of money. I have to believe in and love what I’m doing. I have to be doing it for more than the money, but the money validates it somehow.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yukie - March 28, 2015 10:37 am

    Hi Alden,

    Personally, I think that viewing money as the goal of our life is normal. This is especially true for the poor or those below the middle class, who need money to obtain basic necessities such as plenty food and drink to enjoy togetherness with their family, and education to allow them to seize opportunity toward a better future, that in turn can give more fulfilling lifestyle. Therefore it is reasonable that money becomes one’s goal of life.

    That is why many people pursue what is called financial freedom as a goal, for instance by building their own business. Once built, this new business must be grown until profitable, and then it must be maintained to provide stable or increasing passive income; both of these require work. Hence, in my opinion making money is one of the absolute goals in life – we need to allocate our time to achieve it, just like we set aside our time to enjoy the money and use it to do what we love. We have heard this saying, “Money is not everything, yet everything needs money,” which resonates with what Tara expresses.

    Afterward, what makes wealthy and famous individuals unsatisfied in life might be because they regard money as the sole life priority, and thus they keep accumulating their wealth without sharing with the needy and setting limit to their lifestyle so as to enable themselves to live more simply. Having realized this, they perhaps eventually think, “Everything needs money, yet money is not everything.”

    Regarding doing what we love or chasing the dream, a lot of people who have just started to follow their passion typically firstly consider that this way should be easier and more pleasant than living the “reality” (go to college, get a stable job, get married, buy a house, have children, work hard until retirement…). But following our passion doesn’t guarantee quick achievement. It needs struggle to reach the point where we can do something that we love and are talented at and get paid for it.

    All in all, I believe that we need earning money as a goal to meet our basic needs (such as health, food and education) and survive. Then after those are already met, we raise the amount to reach the kind of lifestyle that we desire. Next we maintain or grow that amount in order to sustain our lifestyle. Or if we are hard working, creative and lucky, we can make money by doing what we love from the very beginning. Thank you for sharing your insight about money, and glad to know you!


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