Real Talk 19: If you live by this, you deserve to die

I remember talking to some fitness douchebag and he was going on and on about the benefits of some shit and how he leads a healthy lifestyle.

So I asked him, “Why do you smoke then?”

He then said, “Bro. Do you want live until you’re 90? Who wants to live until they’re 90? That’s why I smoke. The way I see it, I can enjoy life now and shave off a few years off my life and that’s okay.”

That is by far one of the most bullshitty things I’ve ever heard in my life.

Of course, who wants to live until you’re 90 where you’re probably old, sick, on a wheelchair and unable to wipe your own butt?

If you put it that way, nobody would fucking want to.

And that is not how you should be living life.

You should not be actively trying to destroy yourself today

To make sensible decisions which make you a better, healthier person. That’s all you need to do today.

Is that so hard? No it’s not.

To come up with the so-called reasoning of wanting to shave off a few years from your life is nothing but a dumb excuse to justify your shitty habits.

The point is to not fall sick and die halfway

Nobody can predict what’s going to happen to you. You can die tomorrow from a stupid disease or maybe a flower pot drops on your head randomly out of nowhere. Your house may even burn down.

But we still try to be safe and healthy. We try our best. You do what it takes to live a fruitful and healthy life.

You absolutely don’t want to contract some disease that’d stay with you for the rest of your life. I’ve hyperthyroidism today. It came out of nowhere. I got very upset when I found out it was going to be a long-term condition. I consider myself extremely lucky it’s not cancer or some shit, but the fear I felt from getting something out of nowhere and knowing I was powerless was very real.

You can’t predict what’s going to happen to you. The healthiest people today die for seemingly no reason. But you still can try your best to make sensible decisions.

To live by the code of thinking you can shave off a few years off your life so you can enjoy today is dumb. You’re literally killing yourself.

Some people want to live forever

Or as long as they can.

Why? Because they love life. They have many times they want to do. They plan ahead. They enjoy today too!

They probably want to work hard to leave a legacy or take care of that legacy, also known as grand kids.

Things change everyday. You’ll change too. You’ll develop different wants, needs and goals as you keep growing.

You can’t have any of that if you’re dying.

That is why you try your best to stay healthy today.

Don’t smoke so much. Don’t take drugs. Don’t drink so much. Stop eating so much shit.

Do it once in a while, but that’s it.

For people who think they get to predict their death and hence act like morons are what we intelligent people call natural selection.

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