I am now writing on Steemit!

So… straight up: Steemit is a new social network that’s kind of revolutionary.

The creators wanted something beyond Facebook and the like(s.)

Why? Because it’s like controlled by the big banks and major shareholders and shit.

They wanted something more free.

So bam, Steemit.

I am not affiliated with Steemit in the sense that I can money if you click on my profile here or whatever.

I am really just sharing.

It’s cool because basically, you make money by sharing or creating content inside.

And it works.

It’s not EASY, but it works.

You just have to be consistent, and with Steemit, the validation is there.

Check it. I’ve written some good shit that has gotten me quite a payout:

What a little fat kid taught me about life

What I learnt from dating a model who was super gorgeous and all

I am an angry dude who has never gotten into a fight before, so I went to Thailand to learn some Muay Thai

Enjoy! Seriously, go check out Steemit.

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