How to stop being so confused in this world


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Why are we so unhappy and pissed off?

One answer: We’re confused as hell.

There’re too many questions and there’re too many conflicting answers.

What is the deal with religion? Who’s got it right? Which god should we follow? Am I going to hell for jacking off every morning?

Is coffee bad or good for me?

I was told I should be eating better food, so I eat more Subway now, but a friend told me Subway is crap cause the calorie count is actually pretty high.

So I bought my own shit at the supermarket, but I was lambasted for not going gluten-free and wheat-free.

Do vaccines cause autism? Online sources say no, but I bet that’d freak any new parent out.

The other day my mom heard in the news that farmers are spraying too much pesticide on their crops, so she cut off the skin of my apples. A week later, the skin was back on because she read it provides some essential vitamins.

I also feel smarter nowadays. I can Google any shit I want, but that’d mean I’m only internet-smart.

And what is up with these conspiracy documentaries? Confirmation bias they say?

Does Karma exist?

Why do good people suffer?

And other shit.

You get the idea. Or perhaps, you’ve gotten too many ideas as it is. You want an out. Here it is:

How to stop being so confused in this world

1) You stop questioning

Because one question would only open up more questions. It will never end.

It’s like wondering if you can trust your girlfriend and then you wonder non-stop because you cannot be with her 24/7.

It’s cool to have curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, but you’re going to have to know when to stop. Nothing in excess is ever good, even knowledge.

The internet is here to enlighten you, not confuse the shit out of you.

2) You follow your gut

Following your gut simply entails following your instincts. It’s that little feeling deep down that’s urging you to go that direction.

Sometimes in life, the only answer comes from the gut. All the knowledge, planning, rationalizing and analyzing in the world won’t cut it.

So go with the gut, flow, instincts or whatever. Then don’t look back.

3) You use common sense

Unfortunately, common sense is not very common nowadays. If you ask me, it’s because of the availability of uncontrolled knowledge today and the romanticizing of living a life of freedom.

That is why people abuse the idea of following their gut and end up hurting others.

Which brings me to…

4) You keep your conscience clear

Because above all else, you’ve to keep it positive. There’s no way out of this. It entails following your gut too.

If at any time you’re making up excuses to justify the time you fucked up, then that only proves your conscience is not clear from the outset and that you refuse to use common sense, like a little bitch.

Every attack is a cry for help. There is no way someone can live a life of clarity if they choose to take it out on others and generally keep making the negative choice.

5) You take what you need and reject everything else 

There’s a big problem with self-help and taking in advice today.

People think that the more you can get of it, the better.

Nah. Self-help, advice and the good stuff are here to help you, not control you. They’re nothing but mere guides. Like knowledge, too much of it isn’t good.

You’re fully allowed to only take the things you think will suit you. Then you reject EVERYTHING else.

6) Then you listen to your experience and memories

Because they don’t lie.

It’s extremely stupid to listen to others insist their bullshit on you and you stutter in reply, “But, but, but,  I saw what I saw…”

That’s how doubt creeps in.

Your experience and memories are your truth. They will never lie to you (unless you’re high as fuck on drugs and hallucinate all the time. In that case, you should see a doctor).

So don’t let anyone take away your truth.

That’s how you stop being confused in this world. Share this post, because we need more of it online.

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