How to radically change your life today

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The first step for radical change is to get off your bitch ass, stop overthinking shit and just do something super radical.

Want radical results? Then do something radically different today.

For a second, let’s just stop with all the fucking self-reflection, meditation, thinking about getting out of your comfort zone (and not actually doing it. LAME), setting goals on paper, researching or gaining inspiration.

All of that does not bring radical change.

You can only get some radical change when you do something radical with rad action!

Quit your job later. Yell at your shitty boss.

Leave your home today so you can can live alone.

Break up with your toxic, abusive girlfriend or boyfriend.

Go work out and push yourself like you never have before.

Eat a fucking gigantic pizza.

Go talk to that hot girl at a bar.

Go learn how to do a back flip.

Go take up a religion.

Whatever! You asked for radical right?

Just look at this. All I did was Google “Rad dudes.” Do any of these rad-looking dudes look like they’re wasting their time sitting around doing nothing?

Even the dude with the mustache took it upon himself to grow that bad ass.

You’d know what to do next. Just start something rad today.

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