How to overcome procrastination

I’ve been pretty hot on Quora lately.  I took on the question of how one can overcome procrastination. Here it is:


How do I avoid procrastination? Here’s and honest and real answer:

I feel totally fucked up and do it anyway.

Procrastination gets in the way in all of our lives. Nobody escapes it. We succumb to it from time to time.

You can deny it. You can think about it. You can research about it. You can talk to others about it…

… but deep down, we all know the truth.

We procrastinate because we just don’t feel like doing it.

That’s when we start making up a bunch of excuses, telling ourselves shit like, “Oh I’ll do it later” or “It can wait.”

MAYBE they sound legit to you.

Maybe you can afford to procrastinate.

Maybe you feel like you can think of a good justification to not do the work so you feel good about yourself.

But it’s all bull.

I don’t even think reading up on tips and guides on how to overcome procrastination will really help. They help to a certain extent only…

But yo, again. We all know the truth.

We procrastinate because we don’t feel like doing shit.

So how do you overcome procrastination?

Feel fucked up. Feel uncomfortable. Feel the anxiety. Feel the fear. Feel the tiredness and lethargy. Feel all the god damn undesirable feelings in the world.

And. Just. Do. It. Anyway.

You know you have to. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

Anyone who says you don’t have to is a liar, and a lazy sack of crap at that.

So stop with the excuses. Get off your ass and get to it.

Want some additional tips? Here we go:

Notice this is about getting out of your comfort zone too-

That’s the entire point of getting out of your comfort zone. So you would do the damn work.

Many people talk about getting out of their comfort zone, but get scared the minute they feel uncomfortable.

Then they end up not doing a damn thing i.e. procrastinate!

So if you want to level up your shit, stop procrastinating so you can grow as a person.

You’ll never enjoy yourself otherwise-

Nobody ever exclaims, “Yay! I’m procrastinating! Let me enjoy this bag of Doritos while I watch Netflix!”

You’re not going to enjoy your time as long as you procrastinate. At the very most, you’re going to feel half-hearted as hell as you constantly think of the task you actually should be doing.

So why bother procrastinating? A half-hearted life is a nothing life.

Focus on the end result, or the total sense of satisfaction-

Stop thinking about the task at hand and the undesirable feelings involved.

Think about the awesome feeling you get when you actually get shit done.

THEN you can enjoy your time off fully. That’s how you live.

Nobody ever truly enjoys their time from doing nothing. The people who do are the ones who are taking to alcohol, drugs and shit. No, they aren’t happy with their lives.

Again, feel fucked up and do it anyway. Here’s a pretty picture I made-

how to overcome procrastination

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