How to not give up

It’s been 2 years and 4 months now since I started the blog, since I started the dream. I wanted to be a writer in my own terms and enjoy the whole internet lifestyle thing, where I make lots of money and do what I love everyday.

Of course, it’s been tough as hell.

I don’t make six-figures. I don’t travel anytime I like. I still watch what I spend on. I don’t have the media or other famous entrepreneurs calling me to want to interview me and shit.

Everytime I tried out a new idea, I don’t get the results I want. It was disappointing since I learnt about it online and it worked for others.

I’ve even been mentored by coaches, enrolled into courses and personally met up with other successful people who taught me stuff. Yet, I get no results.

I’ve even been scammed by people before.

I’ve lost so much money and time.

I struggle, a lot. Sometimes I feel scared and am filled with fear that I’ll never make it as a writer.

But, these are all the things I’ve done so far:

I’ve created a blog with dedicated and loyal readers who email me for personal advice.

I do what I love every day. When I wake up, I know I get to write.

I’ve grown from reading a lot and also connecting with other bloggers. I’ve been inspired by people of passion and those who believe there’s more to life than money and working every day.

I’m still a Bboy, in which I dedicate up to 15 hours a week practising. I’m able to keep fit at the same time and this surprises my friends.

I’ve been complimented by people saying that I’ve the balls to do what I love, thus going beyond societal norms.

I’ve been criticised by friends, who say I’m crazy to do this; to not get a stable job and/or quickly get married… yet I do not get angry or criticise back, because I’ve learnt that the world is huge and that I’ve to respect others’ life decisions. I don’t waste my time on others.

I’ve a girlfriend who does not live in the same country as me. People called me crazy and said we would break up very fast. To this day, we love each other and still manage to see each other once a month despite having the meagre incomes we both have. Yup, I managed to create real, part-time income on my own.

I’ve learnt how to meditate, cut down on social media by A LOT and appreciate my surroundings. I’m extremely okay with being alone now because I know doing nothing for the sake of doing nothing is a real art. And friends call me crazy or “emo”for this.

I’ve learnt that business is spiritual, and you got to dare get out of your comfort zone to expand your business. This means I’ve learnt how to ignore a lot of advice from supposed entrepreneurs who force feed you their knowledge, and when you don’t follow, they call you unsuitable for success.


This is how you don’t give up.

You look back and see all the amazing things you’ve done. You see how far you’ve come along. You ignore everything else, even if that means ignoring your best friend, your mom or successful people.

Forget about the future. Fuck the path ahead. Be ridiculously proud of what you’ve done and who you are. Be happy at your present state.

Nobody else can ever, and I mean EVER, take that away from you.

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  1. Cameron Chardukian - December 1, 2013 11:21 pm

    You might not be the big kahuna yet, but you’ve got heart man. You’re going to go far. Just keep plodding.


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