How to NOT be a man: Be in a gay boyband today

Everybody is blogging and teaching people how to be a man; a real man. I’ll do one better and tell you guys how to not be a man so you can avoid that shit like a plague.

As the subject states, don’t join an American boyband today.

Let me be specific:

-I said American because Kpop is very popular today and actually showcase real talent… sometimes.

-I said today, because boybands were the shit 10 years ago. I’ll admit it, this douchebag listened to the sounds of Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Westlife, 98 Degrees and I am not mentioning anymore else you guys will think I am gay.

What’s up with boybands today? Just fucking look at this atrocity below:

They are called Heart2Heart. And their single is called, “Facebook Official“.

Words cannot describe… the horror and ultimate gayness. I didn’t think Rebecca Black had so many little douche brothers!

So yes, don’t join a gay boyband today if you want to be a man. Heart2Heart clearly shows that you can’t be manly by constantly winking at the camera, having elaborate hairdos and also putting on too much makeup. Trying to sound hip by taking a modern technological pop-cultured thing and associating with love and going after a girl is also ultra lame.

There’s just a difference between trying to look good, doing your thing and just becoming a total gay douche. A man has many facets. You can follow your dreams or do what you want all you want, but… fine line bros… fine line.

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    Does this site have a page on Facebook?


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