How to make a douchebag: Make him wear stupid blazers to keep warm

There is of late a modern perception of what a douchebag is. He has many stereotypes enforced on him. While they are easily made fun of and enjoy a lot of Haterade, I actually argued before that being a douchebag is kind of awesome. You may check the post to see what a douchebag is like.

However, I have one new factor I think real annoying douchebags have.

How to make a douchebag in anyone: Wear a formal blazer to keep warm.

And that is fucking annoying. Like why would you have to wear a formal jacket or blazer just to keep warm?

It’s like, “Hey douchebag, have you not heard of a sports jacket? A windbreaker? Or just fucking go outside because the air conditioner is making your nipples too hard?”

THIS keeps you warm

I wonder what goes through their minds when they don the all-encompassing blazer for body warmth purposes. Oh fuck them, I know what goes through their minds. It’s, “This blazer not only keeps me warm, but also gives off a false sense of importance and authority. I feel so proud of it even though I am actually extremely annoying!”.

It irks me every time some fucker wears that shit to keep warm. Furthermore, a blazer DOES NOT go with fucking normal ugly shit you wear. Like torn jeans or Bermudas. And fucking running shoes.

So before you start wearing a blazer for the purpose of keeping warm, you should ask yourself, “Does this make me look an idiot who gives off a douchebaggery aura? Also, why is it I don’t own a nice sports jackets like a normal dude? Am I retarded?”

This ends off my new series: How to make a douchebag.


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