How to look fucking awesome: The real way

The world is just a goddamn superficial place, where you like it or not. Looks matter. Better looking people in life somehow get the perks in life, well most of them anyway. Pretty girls have drinks brought to them in clubs. Handsome dudes seem to be respected and regarded with authority. Ironically, it’s an ugly fact in life.

So are you still asking yourself, “How do I look good?”. If you are, I offer you a whole new perspective and guide to looking good and beautiful. Seriously, don’t blame it on the genes. Anyone can look beautiful.

1) Eat right and exercise

It doesn’t matter if you are fat or skinny, you got to eat right to look good. I don’t think beauty is all about a girl with long hair and a slim figure or a dude who’s tall, dark and handsome. I challenge that. Even if you have hair like a goddess or a stature like a spartan, it doesn’t mean you look healthy or fit. That’s the key. You gotta look healthy to look good. One of the worst comments you can ever get is, “You look sick”. A pretty face can be pretty, but it may also tell people you are constantly tired from too much partying or just plain lethargic from lack of exercise.


2) Stay happy

Happiness is just contagious and inspirational. When you smile, you look good, full-stop. If someone doesn’t like you being happy then he’s just got some issues deep down. Being happy is a very attainable feeling which everyone in life should fight for. When you have that feeling, nothing else matters. And you know what? People will know just by looking at you.

Looking good people~

3) Be confident

Confidence demands respect and authority, which eventually fuses together to give you something awesome called Charisma. When you have charisma, that looks fucking good. It doesn’t matter if you are tall, skinny or a fat bitch. When you walk into a room and people just stop what they are doing and “feel” your aura, that’s the kind of look nobody else can beat. Even if you have nice features, but the words from your mouth just fail you, you won’t look good at all.

Totally standing out

4) Do what you are good at, and keep at it

Just a little something I believe in life. Make it as easy as it is possible for yourself. Remember, as mentioned above, both confidence and happiness can contribute a lot to your looking fucking good. If you are totally feeling it, just go for it and shut out the noises. E.g. If you love to dance, just let the music take over and people would definitely sense that passion in you. And that rocks shit! Just because everyone is doing the same thing or following the same trend doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, that’s your one way ticket to standing out! Fuck yeah!

You can’t see his face, but he definitely looks good here

Looking good to me is important. We all can look good. Don’t always blame it on the genes or that life is unfair. Try the above steps and you will see that it will bring you a long way.

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