How to keep making mistakes in your life (without realizing that you are)


You make mistakes by not being honest with yourself. You’re constantly in denial. You refuse to acknowledge the times that you messed up. You think that you’re never in the wrong. You also think that you don’t have to apologize. By not being honest, you leave out an important part of your life. You leave out the chance to grow as a person altogether. You keep making up shit along the way instead. You come up with excuses. You’re constantly afraid of being honest because you don’t dare to open that part of you that hurts.

That is how you make mistakes with your growth. By not being honest with yourself, you will never grow. You’ll be like a child, filled with with insecurities who takes it out on the world. Stop that. Be brutally honest with yourself. Acknowledge your flaws. Learn to deal with them head on. Don’t cower from them. Be strong and be brave.

You make mistakes by falling in love with the wrong person over and over. You stop using your head. You stop thinking. You insist that following the heart is all that matters. You refuse to learn from the past. You don’t think relationships and romance change as you change yourself. You want it to be a fairy tale. You think that being alone is the worst, possible situation and that you will never be happy alone. You think that you can’t break away from your already loveless relationship because you’re just scared of the pain from the fallout.

That is how you make mistakes in love. By not wanting to learn, you come across as desperate. You constantly think that you’re giving someone new a chance, when actually deep down you just want it to work so badly that you’re blind to reason. Breakups hurt, but you’ll be fine, so have the courage to break away. Listen to your heart, but also listen to your head. You’re not stupid. You’re not a child anymore. It doesn’t take a genius to know who is good for you or not. Give love a chance, but also give yourself a chance. You only deserve the best.

You make mistakes by driving away people who actually care for you. You let your ego get the better of you. You allow your emotions to overwhelm you because you cannot comprehend the situation. You choose to let anger take control because that’s easy. You choose to let sadness take over because getting attention that way is easier. You to start act out. You know if you try, you can start to understand the situation, but you just don’t want to.

That is how you make mistakes with your emotions. You take the easy way out all the time by acting out. Learn to understand your anger. Learn to fight off the sadness. Learn to be in control when you’re stressed out.Learn to be calm. You can be better. You’re allowed to be better. You’re not a monster or anything like that. Take charge of your emotions already. Keep working on yourself so that you can become the best version of yourself, and that is something you can always improve upon.

You make mistakes by hanging out with the wrong people in life. You allow them to walk all over you. Deep down, you know you’re responsible for letting them do so. You don’t want to be alone and so you resort to hanging out with toxic people. You allow the toxicity to spill over in your life. You let it influence you because you are too scared to make a stand. You think you’re just one person. You start to do things that are against your principles and values, but you still don’t dare to speak up.

That is how you make mistakes with your social life. You allow yourself to be surrounded by with negative people. Stop that. Who you spend your time with most largely impacts the person you become. Stand up for yourself. Stick to your values. Learn to say no. You can’t please everybody in life anyway. It’s okay to be alone sometimes. There’re better people out there who’d gladly be with you. Find them. Attract them. Change your environment altogether.

You make mistakes by doing what you are told. You listen to others. You follow others’ expectations and not your own. You don’t have any standards of your own because you look at others’ for it instead. You go to school and believe everything you are taught. You follow the conventional path in society because you’re told that’s the way to go. You get married by a certain age even though you’re not in love. You work a job you hate. You compare yourself with others all the time. You think that to be successful it means you must have what others have.

That is how you make mistakes in your upbringing. You base your life on ideas that don’t come from you. Stop believing everything you’re told. Stop believing everything you read on the internet. Quit the job you hate. You’re not your job. Education is important, but you don’t need one to be happy. You have your own standards of happiness, so stick to that. Remember that success does not bring happiness. It’s the other way around.

You make mistakes in your life by taking it for granted. You think that you’ll live forever. You forget that life is short. You get too comfortable. You stop pushing yourself. You don’t want to travel. You allow yourself to be bored and then you find ways to be okay with being bored. You think that bad shit will never happen to you, but then it happens anyway.

That is how you make mistakes in your entire life. Time is limited. Use it wisely. Bored is only an excuse. There’re so many things for you to do. Have some fun already. You know you’re allowed to right? Yet, don’t lose sight of the grand scheme of things or how life works. Life is unpredictable. So be safe. Be wary. Don’t be paranoid though. Just live and try your best.

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