How to get your shit together

Everyone’s like, “Get your shit together!” in the hopes of spurring someone on to make changes in their life. 

It’s usually concerning someone who has fucked up their life major, like getting addicted to drugs, not wanting to work, hanging with a bad crowd or just basically not doing a damn thing.

Of course, it’s easier said than done.

That’s when those 6 words turn into an annoying line, and that’s why I made this guide.

I know the feeling of… well, not having your shit together. The feeling of not doing anything productive and having literally zero accomplishments as your days go by.

It’s important to just get off your ass and start making real shit happen, emphasis on “start”. Nobody’s expecting you to be an overnight, one-hit-wonder. It’s impossible anyway.

But if you should just try and make new, little changes in your life… you can go far.

Let’s go.

How to get your shit together

1) Sleep early, wake up early

Get your shit together by sleeping well, and by that, I mean turning in early and having a good long rest.

Not only would this ensure you’d be energized, but you’d also wake up early…. in the MORNING.

Shit man. Way too many people are missing out on the power of being an early riser.

Mornings are awesome. Wake up and smell the air.

Waking up at like 4pm or worse, when the sun already went down is just a total mood killer.

Give it a try. It would most definitely give you that boost for your day.

2) Stave off social media

I think social media is all good, but when you hit the point of just surfing random YouTube videos you don’t care for or just scrolling down your Facebook feed for nothing, that’s just a complete waste of time.

That’s when you realize time is passing by while you’re sort of caught in “limbo”, where you feel social media can entertain you, but you really aren’t doing anything. That’s when you feel stuck and not very sure what to really do.

So you wanna get your shit together? Just stave off social media or at least cut down on it!

By doing that and then opening up to other cool(er) activities in life, you’re bound to accomplish amazing things and even learn things about yourself.

E.g. Go read a book instead. Learn and grow. Feel how awesome it is to finish a book.

3) Clean your fucking room

There’s nothing more demoralizing than sitting in your own shit.

No excuses. Clean your room. It’s going to literally make you feel better when you realize cleanliness makes for a good, productive environment.

4) Exercise

When you exercise you get fitter, and you’ll look better.

And thus, look good, feel good.

At the very least, you’d feel the sense of accomplishment that you’re doing something to take care of your body. Exercising, with just one session can make you feel better and think better, especially if you’re a fat piece of shit stuffing his face with burgers and chicken nuggets.

5) Get a job… or not

Staying at home when you’re unemployed can really mess with your mind as you’ve all that free time. And not having a stable income can really add to the stress too.

So you wanna have your shit together? Go get a job then. Get out there and learn everything that you can.

Or… do you feel like a mindless drone caught in the matrix as you wake up everyday just to go your office? Your job sucks. You hate it and your boss is an asshole.

Maybe it’s time for a real change then, a change where you rip off the band aid and do something different for yourself.

6) Help others

Go do some voluntary work or something.

Sometimes, feeling unfulfilled in life is a matter of looking too much inwards and just being self-centerd.

If you start helping others and looking in the lives of others, you’d at least feel good about yourself as you lift others up. And from there, you’d probably realize your life really isn’t that bad.

7) Find passion

Have you done all of the above?

You’re like halfway there then!

You’re ready to start finding your own passion and do what you love, every single day.

With that, that’s having real meaning in life as passion is what makes you feel alive. That’s when you do what you love and know right there and then, that is all that matters.

Here’s a quick guide to find passion.

That’s it! This is how I think you can get your shit together.

Notice how I lead the practical stuff to finding passion. That’s how you do it if you ask me.

Want more ideas to get your shit together?

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  1. Giselle Buonomo - July 1, 2013 12:09 pm


    I’m really glad I stumbled upon you on the internet! Your posts and articles really fire me up and give me a chuckle…because I can soo relate to what you say…and HOW you say it (you remind me of me:0)!! We are both spreading the same message…and I love your no excuses, blatant, “in your face” approach to tellin it like it is!! I’ve always been this way myself…and been chastised for it through the years. I’m getting older now and kind of finding a bit of “refinement” in my “brutal honesty” towards others; however…I have also “come full circle” and realized how much I appreciate myself for the intense and passionate person that I am!!
    Thanks soo much, Alden, for being you…for being bold and brass…and keepin it real…and, of course, for helping others to take a second look at themselves and feeling better!!!

  2. Kelly - July 10, 2013 2:34 am

    I don’t know how I’ve missed your blog so far with my penchant for endlessly searching for the best blogs on the net, but you now have my vote. This is the best thing I’ve read in quite some time. You should do therapy for people on the net! hah!

    • alden - August 4, 2013 8:50 pm

      Thanks so much Kelly!


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