How to date younger chicks

For the life of me I see many people, especially dudes dating people way younger than them. As such, most people think it’s weird as fuck because like the age gap is super big. Apparently when your chick’s 4-5 years younger than you, that’s totally “inappropriate”.

So how do you date younger chicks?

This is NOT a guide where I give you the technical details on courting a babe younger than you. I am just going to work on your mindset.

Infuse all the cliche garbage in your head:

-Age is just a number

-Age does not denote one’s maturity

-When you are a 100 years old, she’s 95, or 90, and that doesn’t seem so bad

These are all right.

What to tell yourself when dating a younger person

Tell yourself this:

“Even if I am dating someone my age or younger, it doesn’t mean she’s automatically more mature”


Think about it. There a fucking billion potential partners out there in the world for you. Age is just one small factor. What about culture, upbringing, background and all that shit?

If you think it’s weird that your partner is years younger than you, trust me, it’s going to be a lot more weird when you date someone your age or older and they are so fucking immature that it blows your mind and you are like, “What the hell? Fucking go see a therapist bitch”.

Go after them

Points to note:

– When you date a younger chick others are going think you are a douchebag for doing so. Due to their ignorance and lack of understanding, you will be called a pervert or a horny bastard who’s out to cheat young girls. But screw them, if she makes you happy, I say go for it! If other naysayers are chastising you for your ways, they are probably just jealous you managed to snag a hot young thing, while they are stuck at home playing World of Warcraft wooing elves.

– When dating a younger chick, don’t bother meeting her friends or join them in their outings. You are just going to feel like a babysitter and amplify the weirdness. Imagine you just want to chill with a cold beer and they all want to go kite-flying or some gay thing and you’re like, “BITCH PLEASE! Kites are so fucking 5 years ago, but then again I didn’t do anything lame like that”. And if you call her friends bitches, you can expect a big squabble coming up.

– Use your brain and don’t get in trouble with the law. Common sense. Definition of statutory rape. The law is still the law.

But try not to end up like this

I hope this enlightens everyone. Infact, someone even asked me about it. Check it out at New Nation, my lovely buddies!

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