How to be positive #2: Youtube inspirational videos

This is by far one of the simplest ways to stay positive, or perhaps get that little boost you need when you are feeling like shit.

So yes, this is the ultimate no-excuse method to it. But I am guessing most people would always have an excuse, so let me set up a guide to it

Step 1: Switch on computer or pick up mobile smart phone

Step 2: Log on to Youtube

Step 3: Type this in, “Inspirational”

That’s ALL!

It doesn’t matter who you are, how you’re feeling and stuff. Whether you are a businessman struggling to keep things alive; a writer trying to find his words; a gym nut trying to get stronger or even a crying little bitch trying to get over a breakup.

When you type this simple word in, life just becomes that little much better.

I don’t want to elaborate any further for fear of ruining the simplicity of this post and its content. But hell, I am pretty sure most of you would be too lazy again to even type in that simple word, so allow me to share one video.

About: This man tore his hamstring during the race. Fell down in sheer agony. And he finished the race.

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