How to be liked by people: the quick guide

In life we are all just trying to be happy. We don’t want shit in life and generally want those around us to like us, that way our lives can more or less be peaceful and awesome. Right?

That’s definitely right. I never heard of people who don’t want to be liked by everyone, or at least most others. Even if one’s a hermit and prefers a private life, he definitely has to interact with others one way or another, or he definitely has some friends unless he’s living in a cave.

I decided to come up with a more down-to-earth guide to how to be liked by people. Follow this shit, and you will find peace. I already made a guide of the opposite long ago, so the other end of the spectrum comes in order!

Note: This is not a guide on how to be popular. If you need to even try, you are already doing it wrong. 

1) Always be willing to admit your flaws or when you are wrong

We are all flawed, so are you. There’s nothing wrong to admitting your flaws. I am not asking you to boast about your flaws like, “Hey sometimes I shit in my pants”, that’s just retarded. When I say admit your flaws, I mean simply admitting you cannot do or haven’t done something before. Also, don’t exaggerate your shit when describing a situation.

E.g. when talking about a quarrel you recently had with someone, just admit the parts you know you are dead wrong, like “Oh yes I certainly shouldn’t have said that” or “On my part, I definitely could have handle it better”. It is way better than you constantly bitching and whining as if the world owes you a favor.

When you are willing to admit your flaws, it shows you are humble. People will respect you for that as you don’t need to cover your shit up with garbage people can see through in the first place anyway.

2) Be willing to apologize

Straight up, universal truth. When you are wrong, be a man and admit it. Humble yourself. Say sorry. Nobody likes a stuck up, self-righteous bitch who think he’s always right. Not much explanation needed here. You aren’t perfect after all.

You don’t need to be right to be liked. 

3) Realize that you can’t please everyone in life

I have said this and blogged about this many times. You can’t please everyone you meet in life! Please get this in your head. Forget about the idea where you, in some weird human-natured way want everyone to like you.

The world has haters. When someone wants to hate on you, it will be in their agenda to give you shit no matter what.

So when you hit this realization in life, effectively, you can be liked by everyone and people around you since you focus your energy on the CORRECT people in life. Makes sense? Forget about the haters, fuck them. They hold no truth or meaning to you. Their judgement are flawed as shit.

In this sense, while on the journey to getting people to like you, don’t you think perhaps that you are already there?

4) Be willing to be different

How to be liked by people? Earn respect first.

Stand up for yourself. Follow your heart. Have your own passion and stick to it. People will respect you for that. When people respect you, it’s actually a 1-for-1 deal where people start to like you. If you are just some guy who constantly tags along and have no balls, there’s not much to think of you is there? Trust me, that’s what people would think.

5) Manners

It boils down to manners. Watch yourself. Be courteous. Even if you are used to your bros’ companies and you guys are constantly jacking on each other and spouting all sorts of profane crap, just take it down a notch sometimes to avoid going too far.  When you watch your manners, people would know you are polite and take into consideration others’ feelings. Also, people fuck up too. You never know when someone could be in a bad mood and something seemingly harmless you said actually sparked off something bad. So be sure to avoid that shit.

This is a mini-guide on how to be liked by people. At the end of the day, just be yourself. If it feels right, it will flow.


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