How to be fearless, brave and courageous in one awesome package (plus sad story of a friend)




Let me start this post off with a sad story.

Last year, one of my friends died. I wasn’t really close to him, but he was a still a friend I made in the army.

He had a brain tumour. The rest of us army guys found out about it in like 2011.

It was really sad to see a friend go like that. From the times I got to know him, he came across as a really nice chap who didn’t seem to have any kind of… well, badness from him. One of them innocent dudes.

By the time we visited him at his house, he was already bedridden. The cancer pretty much paralyzed most of his body and he could barely speak.

Hell, he was fed through a tube connected into his nose.

We all had a good time talking and catching up though.

Then in early 2012 during Lunar New Year, our friend’s Facebook status stated that he had peacefully passed on.

The heroic mother

Now, this is the main point of the story; the main character.

What I remembered most about that visit to his house was his mom.

She… was one tough, brave, courageous, fearless badass.

You see, when we arrived at the house, the first thing we heard was her going like, “Heyyyyyyyyyy, come already ah! Son! They’re here!”

She was smiling and was happy as hell to see us.

We walked into his room, and she made sure all of us had chairs to sit on. She then proceeded to serve us drinks.

She did all of this, while chatting, talking, smiling and laughing with the rest of us.

She was just happy.

Despite seeing her own child paralyzed, bedridden and with a tube up his own nose, she was happy. Her optimistic attitude pretty much filled that house that night!

That was heroic. That’s courage. That’s fucking amazing fearlessness.

My friend and I were saying how she must have been feeling hopeless inside and probably cries at night when no one’s around.

And yet, she took on life by the balls.

How to be fearless, brave and courageous in one awesome package

It’s pretty easy to empathize the situation.

It was sad, but well, life can be sad, really fucking sad.

And (I think, save for this blog post), my friend’s life and family aren’t going down in recorded history.

Who cares right? You should!

This post is dedicated to my friend, all the unsung heroes out there and those who need a little help; a new perspective.

This is HOW you become fucking fearless, brave and courageous.

1) Shed all ideas of what you think fearlessness is

How about stop giving a fuck about what others think?

There’s so much noise today about how and what you should think about.

TV shows are telling guys to be all gangster and shit, like as if you need to win a fist fight or even kill someone to be fearless.

Movies are telling girls to become head cheerleader or a high-powered CEO.

Fuck all of that.

You’re a unique individual whose life’s experience and memories are special to you. You’ve your own significant struggles in life that’d lead you to your destiny.

Focus on them. Stay true to yourself. Only you can decide what’s good for you.

2) Get up, and face life with bravery

I know it hurts.

You’re sad. You feel pain. You feel lost. You don’t know what you did to deserve this or that.

But just get up anyway, and face life.

You don’t need an intricate plan or some form of foolproof goal-setting to face life.

You just do it.

Wake up everyday, and move on.

3) And you’ve already won that shit

As long as you’re facing life. You won.

It’s like how people suffering from depression merely need to get out of the house to achieve that very next step to recovery.

You don’t need to fight monsters, win wars or even save lives.

You just face life. And you win.

This post is for my friend. You rocked it man. I hope you found peace. Blessings to your family, especially your mom.

If you guys need help, I’m here.

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  1. peeh - September 22, 2013 4:33 pm

    i can’t agree more, a must read for everyone

    • alden - September 23, 2013 5:12 am

      Thank you yoooooo

  2. Darrell - September 22, 2013 4:45 pm

    I was moved by this.

    • alden - September 23, 2013 5:12 am

      Spread it then.

  3. Karen - September 22, 2013 5:20 pm

    Great message. Gotta say though, the profanity detracts from what you are saying. Can you say it even more effectively without it? Not all your readers are twenty somethings who indiscriminately fling swear words. And yes, I am an Army vet too (Vietnam Era).

    • alden - September 23, 2013 5:12 am

      Haha but profanities is what makes me and this blog me.

      Nice. Wouldn’t say I’m a vet though. I just trained a couple of years and that was it.

  4. Cameron Chardukian - September 23, 2013 1:20 am

    Your best post in a LONG time. I’m sorry to hear the news of your friend, but at least you’re honoring his legacy by dedicating this post to him, and using his passing on to fuel you to soar higher than ever before. That’s what your friend would have wanted. Much love.

    • alden - September 23, 2013 5:11 am

      Thanks man. Spread the word.


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