How the hell did I get my blog up and running?

I get asked this, quite a few times. I hope one day it can be a story I don’t ever get sick of telling when I make it super big and make loads of money.

So anyway, this is account of me, a mere person who decided to quit his job to pursue a goal of attaining a full-time income online; the same mere person who isn’t great in marketing or doing business whatsoever. He just believes in himself. 

Let’s hope this story can actually help others, cause you know, there are many people who want to blog, but end up doing up nothing because they either don’t know shit or they just give up too quick and too soon.

Why did I start this blog?

I actually thought about it for a long time. It’s been my dream to actually be an established writer in my own terms. I bold those last few words because though I love to write, I hated the corporate world. If you want to write, I say write for yourself. Write about things you love. Don’t write for things you don’t care for. If you have to end up writing for something or someone else, your creativity would be hindered, or worse, completely misused.

So it actually had to take me a while to get out of the grasp of procrastination. I “forced” myself to take that step to doing something to work this dream.

I just sat my ass down to the computer, made sure I created a WordPress blog.

And that was that.

Sounds simple enough right?

Taking it step by step

I made it sound like it’s super simple above because I want to emphasize the importance of taking things step by step.

How did I start this blog? I took it step by step.

Yeah I got a huge dream. I want this blog to EXPLODE with readers and awesome content. And I want to make lots of money off it. I believe in leading a life where you get to cash in on your passion. Imagine a life, where your talents are being used every single day and you actually feel great about it.

Can it all happen overnight? No. Especially not since I had totally ZERO knowledge on blogging or internet marketing. The only thing I know about blogging was that you can write online for free through one of the big blog hosting companies (Blogger and WordPress).

And that I did. How did I get this blog started? I just started doing something. Step by Step.

Start writing!

I didn’t exactly have a topic or a niche in mind at the start, so I just started writing! I logged in on my dashboard, and wrote the first thing which came to my mind.

What I felt was most important, again was to take things step by step. I didn’t want to keep planning or looking ahead. Setting goals is one thing, but planning too much may cause you to over analyze things.I am a big believer in following your passion anyway, so I basically just wrote whatever I wanted to at that time.

Also, the way I see it, as long as you start on something, the momentum would keep you going. Right after that I wrote more articles of random genres. I just wanted to keep going! The momentum really pushed me forward.

Besides, blogging is basically writing up good shit right? So I just went with the essence: writing. Everything else, can wait. Besides, to me, as long as you follow your heart and stay true to yourself, good things will manifest automatically in life. Don’t believe me? Go try it. Or use this blog for inspiration.

Other technical stuff

1. Domain name: I just Googled how to register my own domain name. I chose my own name because I believe in putting a face/personality behind the writing. This gives the power of authenticity.

2. Blog design: At first, it was just a default template. It was plain as shit, but that didn’t stop me from writing.

Then, as with point (1), I put my pictures up in the banners. I got my photographer friend to take them for me (he too, has a dream and a passion for photography, so I didn’t have to pay for anything).

3. Putting it all altogether: My previous job as a social media marketer allowed me to learn and read up on internet marketing online. One of the best things I discovered was outsourcing. Since, I have no background on technical stuff, I just hired a designer from oDesk and let him do everything. All I had to do was email him instructions on whatever I want. And the blog you see here now, is a result of that.

4. Blog launch: Well it wasn’t a grand event or anything like that. Having written about 20 articles and had my banners up and functional, I decided to start showing off the blog on Facebook. I did it on my birthday last year, August 22nd. I figured, since it was my birthday, all my friends would be wishing me happy birthday on my wall, so I placed a link there so people could see it. I didn’t know how much traffic that actually brought, but that link alone had over 50 likes, and that felt totally awesome. 

5. Never stopped writing, never stopped learning: Everything you read so far is how I got things started.

How did I keep things going? Simple. I kept writing.

And I keep learning things along the way. I learn through feedback from people who read my stuff. I follow other blogs and observe what they do, I go to forums and I ask questions. I am constantly emailing other bloggers if I can do guest posts for them and then we keep in touch via email.

Most of all, I keep an open mind. I keep learning and open myself up to whatever opportunities which come.

What I have learnt

When I started out, I only knew that I needed to blog.

Now, I have learnt how to find my own niche (which you can through writing and getting feedback). I learnt how to market the blog in different places, like Facebook, guest posting or social bookmarks. I learnt that building connections with other bloggers, big or small, popular or nobodies is important. I learnt about getting opt-ins and placing them on the blog itself. I learnt that above all else, content is king.

See how much knowledge you stand to gain just from a single point and taking things step by step?

That’s pretty much the start of the journey! It’s been 5 months so far. It’s been great, and it’s about to get greater.

Remember guys, take it step by step, you never know what may come about. It may not be blogging, it can be anything in life. Even if it’s not something you expect, it can be something awesome. 

Thinking of starting a blog?

Are you like one of the many people who’s thinking of starting a blog because you heard SO MUCH about it? It’s pretty easy to fall into this since there seems to be many people making tons of money online. Seems pretty easy right?


A blog isn’t just an online diary. It’s huge. There’s a ton of crap on in the internet teaching you how to blog and make money “instantly”. Self-proclaimed gurus make it seem extremely easy. It isn’t.

If you want to learn how to blog, learn how to do it the real way. Check out the link below if you are serious about blogging.


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  1. Cam - February 22, 2012 8:54 pm

    Great resource to have man. I think it’s an important post to have. I’ll definitely keep it bookmarked in the future. 🙂

    • alden - February 23, 2012 4:14 am

      Great! Good on you man.

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