Hate of the Week: Some chick thought I was scamming her

your bullshit

It’s time for another Hate of the Week!

And I give enough fucks to write about all the bullshit I receive.

I haven’t been free lately as my girlfriend is in Singapore with me and I’m spending all my time with her.
But this email from a certain reader just stood out too much for me to ignore. Plus my girl is sleeping now so I got a little free time.
That’s why I decided to show it to you lol.
Re: I need to step my shit up… So I need your thoughts 
First of all you called me old, which I am not. If you have honest things to write about from your heart then you don’t need advice. I have enough experience with abuse to write my own book as well as a BA in English. I also have Federal Law Enforcement background so if you are scamming me right now, be advised my account is being monitored as we speak by my choice. Don’t screw with me by sending me viruses because you will wish you never came in contact with me and it will be the last time you scam anyone. Tread lightly, This is not a threat, it’s the truth. Step up your “shit” by getting off your ass and earn an honest living.
Sent from AOL Mobile Mail
Haha I thought this was pretty funny.
I guess my asking for your help in my previous email somehow became a threat to certain people.
Let me clear some shit up!
#1: I don’t think any of you are old.
Heck, I don’t even know your age since I never once asked for your age when subscribing to my list. I think it’s awesome that people of all ages come to my blog, something which I’m trying to cultivate.
There’s so much profanity and awesomeness here, the fact that age is just a number is very prominent here!
#2: I will never send you a virus.
I got fucking hacked before. I literally lost money in my bank account. I know how tough it is to be infected.
I will not be the online nerd who spreads more hate.
#3: I will never scam you.
Sure I send the occasional affiliate product recommendation, to which I get a commission if you buy it through my links, but they’re all legit and honest products meant to help you.
I mean… I’ve been writing my heart out to add value to you guys and I think I deserve a little something back in return eh?
Anyway, as usual the Hate of The Week emails are not meant to shame people. Shaming and flaming online is not my thing. It’s childish, annoying, and stupid.
So let’s get to the lessons!
Don’t flaunt your “credentials”
This lady claims to have experience with abuse… and it’s backed up by her BA in English. And she has Federal Law Enforcement background WHOA!!!
Come on. If you’re really that important, people will hear of it. Don’t flaunt it.
I got a bachelors degree in communications and I don’t even tell it to others willingly. It’s not that I’m not proud of it, but I think I’d rather work hard and create something out of my own life and have people hear of me than me shouting to everybody that I have this and that.
Cool it with the credentials. Nobody cares.
Don’t jump to conclusions. It makes you look dumb
Again, I’ll never scam my readers. If you jump to that paranoid conclusion yourself… then that’s your problem.
All that negativity is in you.
Don’t judge. Don’t make shit up yourself. Focus on your own life and be happy yo.
Don’t be so angry that you gotta take it out on others
This email was a real shocker to me. It came out of nowhere and it made me LOL.
This reader was obviously pissed when she wrote back to me.
But seriously… how likely is it your experience in whatever and background in whatever, combined with this email to me, get you the fuck anywhere?
Resentment is poison man. As they say, being angry at someone is like holding hot coal in your hands while you wait to throw it at someone.
And you’ll most likely miss since your anger has blinded you. Your hands are so burnt that you’re like, “Oh shit my hands hurt. I need some ice now to sooth my hands and also to chill the fuck out”.
So the chill the fuck you.
Don’t take life so seriously. You’ll get pissed from time to time, but just chill out, and move on.
It’s okay to ask for help
I asked for help because I know I’m human and that I’m not perfect. I don’t intend to be awesome alone. I want friends and I love having friends. I’m going to be awesome with people I love.
I strongly disagree when she said, “If you’ve honest things to write about from your heart then you don’t need advice”.
Yeah okay. I don’t need advice forever! Let me be an annoying jackass who preaches about everything. Woohoo I’m the perfect douchebag!
Seriously. If you need help, just ask for it.
It’s fine. We’re only human, and hence, we only have each other.
If you need personal help, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.
Or bam! You can just check out my >>>Awesome Book Store<<< which is totally not scammy and totally virus-free!

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  1. Sebastian - November 13, 2013 2:45 pm

    People are so brave over the internet. Hahaha.

    Yo, what happened? I didn’t get. Why did she think you sent her a virus? And how is that related to earning an honest living?

    And most importantly… Why is she so angry?

    I have come to the conclusion that mad people are probably mad because their sex life sucks. I mean, if this morning you woke up and had an hour long sex session that made you see the stars and ended up with a mind-blowing orgasm that left you passing out, then there’s no way you can get upset throughout your day. You will be smiling at everyone and making others happy.

    • alden - November 13, 2013 5:40 pm

      Lol I’ve no frigging clue man. She was mad as fuck.

      aha yeah that’s one reason. Hate begets hate. She definitely was just taking it out on me. Crazy bitch.


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