Real Talk 22: Happiness is a tall, pint of cold beer

Happiness to me is tall, pint of cold beer.

The beer represents a sinful form of chilling out. Because sometimes all you need is chilling out in order to be happy. Fuck health, calories, work in the morning and all that is logical. Drink that shit and let yourself know you’ve the right to chill and be happy.

Happiness to me is also getting drunk and being happy.

It’s not just about alcohol being an antidepressant and shit. It’s the idea that you’re physically capable of hitting a point where all your unhappiness, frustration and worries won’t matter at all for a moment and that everything will be alright. If you’re capable of that moment, there’s no reason why you can’t do it everyday without supplements and shit.

Happiness to me is getting my heart broken tons of times.

For that is how I learnt to become stronger and not settle for any pretty face or girl that only makes me comfortable. Comfort is not love. Happiness is not being with someone you know you can’t love for the rest of your life.

Happiness to me is being single and dating around.

It’s always good to meet new, interesting people. It’s especially awesome to know more than a handful of people are keen towards you. It’s then great to learn to accept who you are and abide by your own standards of romance while ignoring others who cannot understand your lifestyle.

Happiness to me is a bag of Doritos.

Just because.

Happiness to me is looking at beautiful women.

If you read too much into this, you’re the judgmental one. Not me.

Happiness to me is looking good.

It’s very basic, but very true. Look good, and you feel good. That is why I work out. Anybody can look good. No excuses. Stop being a fat ass.

Happiness to me is the struggle.

You may not understand it today, but some day you will. Face it, we need the struggle. Nobody can be happy while being bored. Nobody can be happy being stagnant. If you want to be happy your character must grow through knowing you’re strong and independent enough to overcome your own shit. That is how confidence is made.

Happiness to me is uploading a new song on your phone.

Nothing beats the feeling of heading out of the house and listening to that new shit.

Happiness to me is laughing at really stupid jokes, and then passing them on as if they were my own.

If your fucking underwear is too tight and up your ass that you lost the ability to laugh, then you’re a sad person.

Happiness to me is creation from expression.

If you’ve passion, it means you have art. When you’ve art, you have the power to create shit out of thin air. When you create, you allow your mind, body, heart and soul to be unleashed. That’s an indescribable feeling.

Happiness to me is gratitude.

So you can remember the good shit in your life and that you have it good. And also, to be thanked and recognized for your work.

Happiness to me is helping others and being nice.

Because if you aren’t even nice, you’re an asshole and that’s not a happy life.

Happiness to me is a choice.

Because everything else in life, no matter what you do means fuck all if you always choose to be a whiny little bitch.

It is never the chase. So, just chill the fuck out already.

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