Hanging out with a homeless guy in Sydney

His name is Matt. I met him in Sydney.

It was funny.

I was just sitting down, chilling on a bench at the park when he sat beside me.

He said hi.

He took out a huge bottle of Coke and I immediately could smell the cognac.

I was like thinking, “Haha. THIS guy!”

And he offered me some.

So we drank, and chill.

Now, it wasn’t really confirmed that he was homeless.

He just had all the stereotypes.

Yeah, he talked about his life a lot.

He talked about taking drugs when he was young.

He talked about going to jail and that now he makes sure to never go back.

He talked about how life was too short to work as a suit (in the corporate world.)

He rapped for me. Yes. He’s a rapper. He dropped some lines for me.

And when we parted ways, I asked where he was going, his reply was, “Wherever
the city takes me brother.”

Go figure lol.

But you know what… the point is, I didn’t think much about it.

It could have gone bad for me, I mean what if police jumped us or something?

But nah. I didn’t bother thinking about it.

He was nice.

It wasn’t like he asked for money.

It wasn’t like he offered me drugs. In fact, he told me to stay away from it.

And he wasn’t like he wanted to tag along for the entire night.

So it was good.

Cool experience.

If you want to be happy and have fun experiences like that, then stop thinking
too much and have some fun.

It’ll be okay. You aren’t gonna die. Just be safe and it will be fine.

Hope this helps today.

Going to Bondi beach now! Cya.

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