Handicapped people who give me hope.

I am easily one of those who rather kill myself than be handicapped. No I don’t mean in a way where I am hating or anything like that. It’s more like that I don’t think I have the bravery and capacity to face life missing an arm or leg, or being blind or something. How the fuck can I continue a life like that especially since I lived with my body intact for 26 years? Plus I am a Bboy, if I am missing one body part, it means I can’t dance and that would mean taking away something precious from me, and I will definitely subsequently die inside.

It would be totally cool if like, there was a cure for disabilities. Like I don’t know, maybe stem-cell research is 100% legal and breaks new ground for research, but we can’t have like cloned humans and then kill them for body parts like in that shitty movie The Island starring Ewan McGregor because that’s really wrong oh fuck I am rambling!

So this post goes out to all handicapped people out there. Whether you were born disabled, or met the tragic fate of losing a part of you halfway in life, I think you guys are really brave to face life like that.

This post also goes out to you know, normal ass folks like me. Be thankful for what you have alright?!

Not sure where this picture came from, but looks so touching.

These two handicapped people are a married couple. He has no arms and she has no legs, but they lead a happy life. See more pictures of them here. 

Just found on 9gag. Awesome shit.

Portrait of Thomas Iglefield. Born with no arms and legs, became an accomplished artist and engraver.

Found this Facebook. Shit! No explanation needed. Totally speaks for itself.

Okay this isn’t a real picture of anyone real, but this comic is by far one of the best strips I have ever read. I love it. It’s so fucking touching and you can just feel the pain and sadness in the kid, initially. Well there is hope after all!


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