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I’m one hell of a busy writer.

Here’s all my guest posts I’ve done on other sites. Hope you enjoy it! If you like any of them, do give a share!

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Problogger- The Importance of Your Essence in Blogging Success

FirePole Marketing- The Sexier-Than-Money Rewards in Doing Business

Advanced Riskology- Field Report: How a breakdancer found passion for himself

The Feel Good Lifestyle- Feelings of a “BBoy”: Lessons in Pushing One’s Limits and Overcoming Real Fear

The Feel Good Lifestyle- 5 Mind Tricks to Care Less About What Others Think of You

RyzeOnline- Mystery Of The Non-Smoking Smoker

RyzeOnline- A B-Boy’s Confession: When You Suck At Your Passion

LogAllot- Taking Writing To The Next Level: Write for IMPACT, not For Likes

The BridgeMaker- Why nobody can ever call you stupid

Tiny Buddha- 5 Steps to let go of anger for a happier life

Tiny Buddha- 7 Things to remember when people don’t support you 

Pick The Brain- Why you should or shouldn’t care about what others think of you

Pick The Brain- The art of imagination

Pick The Brain- How to be liked by everyone

Pick The Brain- Losing someone close to you: 5 things you can learn about it

Pick The Brain- The myth of passion

Kingpin Social- 4 Step Guide on How to Find Passion

Kingpin Social- 5 Unwritten Rules to Have More Fun in a Club

Adventure Sauce- Let Passion Be The Sauce Of Your Epic Adventure

Ryan Hanley- 7 Straight-Up Truths About Blogging and They Hurt!

Modest Money- Partying Philosophy 101: Why You Shouldn’t Be Generous, Even If You’re Filthy Rich

Real Men Real Style- Hip Hop Style – More Than Baggy Pants and Bling Bling

The Bad Blogger- Why You Should Be Both Nice and Not Nice to Lead An Awesome Life

My Super-Charged Life- Stop relying on life for success

My Super-Charged Life- What Partying In a Club Taught Me About Life

My Super-Charged Life- Someone did it first without any help

My Super-Charged Life- How To Not Take What People Say So Personally

Change Your Thoughts- How to Truly Live Every Day as if It’s Your Last

Change Your Thoughts- Sometimes You Just Have to STOP in Order to Move Forward

Untemplater- The Passionate Life Of The Bboy, Blogger and Bouncer

Planet Naveen- 7 Ways To Continuously Re-inspire Yourself

Lifehack- How to Not Let Words Hurt You

Famousbloggers- There ain’t no Magic Pill in Internet Marketing

Famousbloggers- Deeper Writing: How to Become an Inspiring Blogger

Addicted 2 Success- Will Smith’s Top 9 Inspirational Quotes

12most- 12 Most Hard Truths You Need to Know When Taking the Road Less Traveled

Smart Boy Designs- Why I wish they taught you how to follow your dreams in college

Your life your way- When Life Doesn’t Seem Fair… How to Get Past Feelings of Anger and Revenge

Mj Thompson- Getting real with social media

Abundance Tapestry- How to Be Contented With What You Have

Modernlifeblogs- 5 Ways to stop caring about what others think of you

The Bold Life- 4 Mindshifts on Fear You Need to Have

Motivational Memo- How To Flow With Life & Be Happy

Shake off the grind- Solid Advice or Hollow Phrases? A Real Look at 5 of Life’s Clichés

Nerverush- Guide: How to breakdance 

Psychology of well being- On Love and Breakdancing

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