I got a threat from a reader


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And this was how it went down:


“I cannot seem to unsubscribe from your mailing list. I don’t know what kind of crap you are trying to pull, but you had better unsubscribe me as I requested. Otherwise, I promise you I will make things difficult for your blog. Nothing illegal, just annoying and inconvenient!”

My reply:

“I’ve saved your email as you’re clearly threatening to commit harassment.”


“I apologize. I was wrong. What I meant was that I would let people know that unsubscribing from your blog was very difficult, if at all, that’s it, but I was very wrong. I will do no such thing. I apologize”

He then sent me a second email saying sorry again. He even greeted me as Mr.Tan. He rambled on and on about how he was having a bad day, he had ADHD and that he would lose his career if this gets out.

And most of all, he admitted that he was “just a terrible person.”

What! Mr. Tan was my dad lol.

Many great lessons here today .

#1: If you don’t have the courage to cross the line, you wouldn’t have the courage to come back

You know how it is.

You may feel sad, angry or frustrated from all the pent-up energy.

You want to beat somebody, break something, break the law or whatever. But being a a guy who bothers to think, you probably did no such thing. You do wonder however, from time to time, like, “Why am I so nice? Why do I care so much? Why do I let them win?”

But here’s the thing: That’s perfectly normal.

It’s a GOOD thing you aren’t doing stupid shit.

You may not have the courage to risk something, but that also effectively means you wouldn’t have the courage to come back.

That’s how people go down the self-destructive path of becoming an alcoholic, a gambling addict, a gang member, a sex addict or whatever.

And trust me, it’s better to be on the safe side.

#2: Use your brain before you act out

If you want to shit on others, don’t make it easy for them to expose all the flaws in your argument.

Making it easy for others is like you being a goalkeeper and running out to the field.

And then you get mad that they scored the open goal.

#3: Empty threats are pathetic as hell

If you want to make a stand, make sure you have the goods to back it up. Otherwise you’re just an annoying little bitch.

This is like those guys, the ones that go, “BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH LALALALA I AM NOT LISTENING LBALLALA.”

Secondly… you shouldn’t even be wasting your time threatening others. It’s not nice!

#4: Only cowards see the need to take it out on the world

Look at this guy…

From a guy who threatened me to a fool who openly admitted he was a terrible person.

So yeah. If some asshole out there tries to get in your face, know that he’s not winning, or that he managed to one up you.

He or she is simply a coward who’s too afraid to look in the mirror, that’s why they take it out on others.

And cowards never win. It’s not even worth feeling pissed off or the least bit annoyed for such people.

Focus on your own shit, keep growing and be awesome. You aren’t a coward.

#5: There’ll always be consequences

So think before you act.

And that is all we have for today.

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