God got it wrong: The 10 real commandmants in life

I think God, if he or she or whatever divine entity of sorts even exists got it wrong for us humanly beings. It seems for all of us we have a fixed set of “rules” or universal beliefs we adhere to. That’s just talking about ONLY being human, what more of organized religions and other lifestyles?

Whatever it is, I think God got it wrong. I think this is a more realistic view of life, or what a cooler God might say to us:

1. I am not really the lord or your god

There are many other gods out there who would tell you otherwise apparently, so take your pick.

2. Bad shit happens to good people

Especially when they don’t seem to have done anything wrong at all.

3. Life is unfair

It just is, period. But it never, ever means you have to make it unfair for others around you.

4. Bad guys seem to be always rewarded

Or so it seems, but yes, even your most hated enemies would seem happy in your eyes.

5. Good and evil are ambiguous

Things aren’t what they seem to be because the world is so frigging huge and has billions of people, more so than you can ever meet.

6. Not all people are created equal

Some are born lucky with a roof over their heads and a loving family, some are born deformed, poor, unwanted and even just to die quickly.

7. Life is short

Before you know it, time just passes by, so make the most of it before you die.

8. You can’t please everyone or everything in life

Someone or something would always try to find a problem with what you do. So just try your best. As long as your conscience is clear, you are good.

9. Believe in yourself

Because if you don’t, who will?

10. Never give up hope

As hope is the one thing you have that is unique to you and nothing, or nobody else can take that away.

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