Why you should give a fuck though we’re all going to die

Because, just because okay?

If you don’t give a fuck then you’re just laying down on your bed, doing fuck all and worrying about death, which is ironic as fuck because you’re living.

Yeah, we’re all going to die, so fucking what?

What are you worried about exactly?

That the eventual destination that is death will make everything today pointless?

That our life, along with its experiences and memories hold no meaning?

That the things we do will never be remembered?

That being a good person or a bad person don’t fucking matter at all because like, good people die for no good reason anyway?

Let me tell you one thing: You don’t know shit.

I really don’t give a shit how many articles from the internet you read about death, religion or whatever.

Death is the ultimate mystery to all of us and that is that.

We’re all living here, today. We aren’t dead. None of us has crossed over to the other side.

We don’t know shit.

So why are you fucking assuming that it is all pointless?

Maybe you’ll go to heaven. Maybe you’ll go to hell. Maybe you’ll end up in purga-fucking-tory. Maybe you’ll just be wiped out and cease to exist.

Maybe whatever. I don’t fucking know.

But you know what I know?

I know you kind of matter. Kind of, fucking matter.

For some god damn reason you were created to be here today with a tag with your name on it. And I think that’s worth something.

You can fucking do anything!

You can go travel the world and meet people of different cultures.

You can hook up and have great sex.

You can create art and inspire the shit out of yourself and others.

You can make a ton of money.

You can have your first kiss.

You can buy your own house.

You can work can get promoted.

You can adopt a dog or a cat.

You can go to the zoo.

You can fly a kite.

You can give a speech.

You can help the poor and less fortunate (this feels really fucking good by the way.)

You can cook some good shit.

You can make love on the beach.

You can listen to some great music and feel high as fuck.

You can be amazed by technology.

You can go to school and learn new things.

You can drink a beer and feel that smooth, cold shit go down your body.

You can whatever!

So many fucking possibilities.

How is any of this pointless?

If you’re thinking, “But, but.. I am still going to die Alden. It feels so meaningless. There’s no much pain and suffering. There’s…”

At this point I’ll just say, whatever, just fucking whatever, okay?

Life is weird as fuck. But that doesn’t mean we have to spend all our time waiting to die.

I am not you. Lead your own weird life. Lead it until some weird shit happens so it doesn’t become so weird anymore.

It will make sense.

Both you and I know you just need to live.

I can’t dictate shit for you.

Just live, you crybaby.

And have some fun already will you?

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