Give a fuck about something

Give a fuck about something.

Give a fuck about something meaningful, something that actually helps others so they can actually feel like this world isn’t that bad.

Give a fuck about fun, so you can have fun. When was the last time you had fun? You know you’re allowed to have fun in almost everything in life right?

Give a fuck about your family. You may not be about to ‘bro’ out with them or share intimate shit with them, but they’re still family and they’re pretty much always there for you.

Give a fuck about your art. Every little detail counts. It’s pride in one’s work. People can see through your work.

Give a fuck about your relationship. Stop being so damn comfortable. Add some excitement and spice! Have some good sex.

Give a fuck about the world. Join a movement or something.

Give a fuck about your health. Stop eating and drinking so much shit.

Give a fuck about your birthday. No, it’s not just “another day.” Fucking celebrate.

Give a fuck about what’s happening around you. Stop looking at your phone. Stop waiting for that update that rarely ever comes.

Give a fuck about your body. Look good and you feel good. Why don’t you want to feel good?

Give fuck about your kids. They’re waiting for you.

Give a fuck about actually giving a fuck, because there’s a difference between somebody who is slack and somebody who is just entirely aimless.

Give a fuck about your room. Clean it up and clear the clutter. Nobody likes living among crap.

Give a fuck about future. Plan!

Give a fuck about yourself. You get to say no to others. You don’t have to please everybody. You should stand up for yourself. You’re your own person and you don’t owe anyone a living, and neither do others owe you one. You’re only human and it’s your right to be happy. You’re equal with others and you deserve to be treated with respect.

You’re going to die one day anyway. You might as well start with the giving of fucks.

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  1. Martika P. - September 8, 2016 5:20 pm

    You know I never have felt inspired by or in life. I mean when you are a child sure you find inspiration in everything. Even looking at a damn cloud inspires you. I have just worked and worked always looking and obtaining the next highest paying job. Recently though it has all been a bit of a bland feeling,about everything. Then I came across these rough words of inspiration,shit afterwards didn’t seem so damn serious. I’m in my twenty’s NOT DEAD! If these blogs did anything,it was waking me the f*ck up with a slap. So keep on blogging, as a young level headed woman I can say your making a lot of sense, along with waking people up. Thanks!


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