An open letter to guys who put down girls who wear too much makeup



credit: The Chive

Many have been the times I spot a girl who I think is pretty, gorgeous even. But my other friends would lament, “She has too much makeup on.”

Therefore, she becomes “ugly.”

She also becomes a bitch, a slut who sleeps around, a bimbo or somebody who goes after a dude for materialistic gains only.

And then I can’t help but feel sorry for these guys, the same guys who can’t get girls for shit; the same guys who don’t do a thing to improve themselves mentally or physically.

It’s ultimately sad because they expect to be heard, not that they’d care to listen to me since I’ve “bad taste” in women.

The self-defence mechanism of weak dudes all around

Do you know why guys criticise and put down women for superficial reasons?

It’s because they’re weak. They’re dying for attention. They’re dying to get laid.

They’re putting girls down for their heavy makeup because they need a reason, any reason to justify the idea that they think they have a choice, hence the actual ability to get any girl they want.

They don’t have any choice. They can’t. They’re too scared to do anything when it comes to getting to know women.

So most commonly, they put down attractive females who put on too much makeup. Because that’s easy. Bitching and complaining is always easy. Doing the uncomfortable and terrifying work (of approaching women) is hard.

Guys, stop making shit up already

If you want to get to know more women and you’re finding reasons to put them down, you’re fucking playing it wrong.

Read that again. It can’t get any clearer. If you disagree, then enjoy being single for the rest of your life you deluded fool you.

This isn’t a debate on what beauty is or how society views people. It’s about you guys, who’re so insecure you refuse to look in the mirror.

How ironic since these girls are the ones using the mirror properly.

When a girl is putting on makeup…

It means she cares about how she looks. It means she takes care of herself.

Whether she’s doing it in excess to the point of being self-conscious all the time is none of your business, not that you’d know anyway unless you’re really THAT judgemental.

When a girl is putting on makeup…

It means she knows how to impress. She puts in the effort to take on the world.

Her reasons behind that, are also none of your business.

When a girl is putting on makeup…

It’s nothing but a grand parallel of what we guys put on ourselves to look good.

They’re called gyms, hair products, cologne, spray-on tan, contact lenses, tailor-made suits, steroids, pickup lines and even fucking real makeup itself.

I can’t say I truly know what women want or talk about all the time, but an educated guess would be they do criticise us for putting on too much shit on ourselves, like, “I can smell him a mile away” or “His head is too small for his body.”

And frankly, if you managed to achieve that, kudos to you. You’ve gained their attention and that’s better than nothing.

Otherwise, you’re just the insecure little dude who’s not doing a damn thing to improve himself.

That is why you’re a skinny little shit, or fat as fuck.

That is why your brand of cologne is called Body Odour.

That is why you don’t speak well. You only mumble and slur (in the presence of women no less.)

That is why you have hair sticking out of your nostrils.

That is why you’re in your little corner, complaining about women while surfing Tinder non-stop, secretly wishing they’d give you some attention for free, hoping you can finally get laid.

If you want to change any of that, maybe it’s time you apply yourself… or something at least.

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  1. Absolutely Tara - March 26, 2015 5:25 pm

    As a woman, I’ve heard a lot of negative talk about makeup, as if it’s shallow to want to look like the media’s idea of what’s attractive. But I LOVE makeup. I feel so much better about myself when I put it on. I look in the mirror and am in awe of my features. Just like with clothes. I am going to feel more confident in a pencil skirt than sweats. And wether or not that’s “right” in an idealistic thinking doesn’t matter, because it’s the truth about me.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Solace - March 26, 2015 5:58 pm

    it’s like, ask that why are you doing thing’s what you are doing and then you’ll realise why others are doing what they are doing.

    that’s what hit my head as i finish reading the post.

  3. D Reno - December 12, 2015 5:42 am

    Nice Red Herring you wrote there. You say it’s wrong for guys to make sweeping assumptions about guys who complain about makeup , then in the same breath make assumptions about them without any proof. I’m loving this new trend of saying any guy who makes any complaint about women is just a weak loser who doesn’t get laid.

    You say it’s wrong to label girls as sluts (which is true) THEN you turn around and ridicule guys who can’t get laid. This is what 4th wave feminism has become.

  4. LaNanita - April 19, 2017 11:33 am

    I am a woman and a beautiful one (I´ve been told many times all my life) and I love make up but only use it to enhance my natural features. I love to look fresh, glowy and natural and I know how to do that even when wearing a red lipstick.

    I think women with very heavy make up like the ones pictured above do not look pretty, they look cheap. These girls in the picture above look like cheap whores, an easy lay because they wear make up similar to that of cheap prostitutes.
    Just because most American women wear far too much make up and consider heavy make up to be standard and beautiful doesn´t mean the rest of the world sees it the same way. Way back really heavy make up was only worn by prostitutes and heavy make up really does look clownish or like war paint. Most men will run from such a heavily painted woman as fast as they can…………….except when looking for an easy lay/a one night stand. Same goes for trashy women with tattoos. Such women are easy fuck material but not girlfriend or wife material.

    Keep living the Sex and the City lifestyle and see where it´ll get you. You won´t end up happy ever after like the NYC slut women. That´s fiction.
    In real life you won´t meet a Mr Big. The rich banksters and uberrich successful hedge fonds managers will chose sexy young women and not frustrated ugly old fuck mattresses like Carrie. Learn to distinguish real life from fiction or you´ll end up as a lonely old well fucked whore no one wants anymore.
    Stop listening to the media whore propaganda, stop behaving like whores before its too late. Just saying…………………


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