Getting real with passion and how to fully utilize it

Day #3 of the write-everyday-for-a-week experiment.

Today we’re going to talk about passion, the evergreen topic when it comes to living life to the fullest, living life on your own terms and of course, supposedly making lots of money.

Passion isn’t exactly the answer to everything…

When it comes to passion, it seems to be all butterflies, rainbows, unicorns and everything bright and awesome.

It’s the path to success, the kind where you get to wake up everyday, do what you love and make tons of money, mostly online. I’m sure you’ve heard of those stories of successful people living the dream life, where they get to travel, have financial freedom and do work at some exotic place.

But underneath that exterior of awesomeness lies a lot of nuances that most people don’t get to see.

I know for sure. I’ve been at this for over a year and I had to learn everything on my own the hard way.

Key lessons:

1) When it comes to making money, there must be a convergence

Your passion + (a point of convergence where people are willing to pay you for that) = Business

That means to say, you got to be creative and see how people would want to pay you for something based on your passion.

Look at it this way: If your passion is eating pizza while playing videogames, it doesn’t make sense for people to want to pay to watch you do any of that.

Unless you can create a new fetish channel for that, which is going to be a lot of hard work, a more viable option would be creating a business where you deliver pizza to videogames enthusiasts.

So the convergence is extremely important. You need to figure that out from the start.

Sounds obvious?

The thing about passion is that many newbies are blindsided by the idea that as king as your follow heart, do what you love in life and keep going at it, things will automatically fall into place.

It doesn’t. Life isn’t that great. Things don’t get delivered to you on a silver platter. If it was so easy, everybody would be in business now.

2) Love it all you like, but some sacrifice is needed

That’s because you need to fine tune your craft.

If you want to be better at what you love, you got to work hard and put in the effort.

I firmly believe passion is never limiting, so growing and improving are always in order.

You may have to even hit the point of going through sacrifice, in which you feel like shit and wonder why the fuck you’re doing what you’re doing. So don’t be too shocked when passion actually makes you feel less-than-stellar.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s about creating that convergence or just effing around. You want to grow? You got to work it. You can’t escape.

I love Bboying, but sometimes practice feels like a total downer. Just last night I had a crap session of hardly any progress.

3) Passion doesn’t make someone nice

Kindness and humility are a whole other thing on their own.

I declared previously that I’ve stopped learning and listening from successful people. Apart from their methods which can never fully empathize with me, a lot of them come across as arrogant douchebags.

In a way, that’s very understandable since they’ve “made it” by their own standards.

But it’s still annoying as fuck.

Don’t get blindsided. Being a nice person isn’t a very complicated thing. It’s basic. If you can’t even master that, then you’re arguably not even a success in life.

No matter how passionate and knowledgeable someone is, ignore them and move away if the vibe is off or they aren’t even helping you out. Remember, go all in.

Don’t ever fall into this trap yourself.

But passion alone can trump all

Cause it’s super powerful.

It’s your biggest strength. Have some focus. Eliminate distractions. Fuel it non-stop and you’ll soar. There’s a reason why you feel so much for it; why you put your heart in it. That feel and energy can create a vibe which people will recognize eventually.

And subsequently, passion becomes your identity. That’s how you stand out and be known for that very passion. Go at it with pride. Stand with your chest pumped out. Hold on to it and never let it go, cause no amount of superficial success can ever match that.

Finally, passion is your truth in life. Your own truth is created from real life experience which all turn into memories. Everything else, is from an outside source. Seeing isn’t exactly believing anymore in this day and age.

Passion helps you remember your roots.

It all starts with intention. Then choices. Sprinkle in some passion, and you’re set for life. Get ready, and give it a shot.

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  1. Trevor Dimoff - April 21, 2013 3:46 am

    Did the write every day for a month, filled a notebook…

    Gave me awesome first drafting & sit and write powers, but I still need to practice polishing and publishing!

    Gradual growth takes some getting used to.

    Alden, how do you focus your intention and your follow through when you are building productive new habits?


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