Getting married young is lame

I was just surfing around Facebook and it seems like more and more of my friends are getting engaged or married. Whatever happened to seeing normal mundane pictures of gallivanting? Now I am spotting wedding pictures and captured proposal moments or worse, first borns coming forth!

I guess with the above title it makes me the lonely douchebag who has not found true love. That is true. But I rather take my time before I hit the big question. I am a cynical bitch and I do not wish to make the mistake of confusing true love for settling down for comfort. I am 25 as I write this. Alden is just a douchebag who thinks that getting married young is lame because he just wants to bang many chicks right? I know that’s what y’all are thinking.

– Who am I to say I have seen the world or know life just because I am married.

Many people, in a modern society think that getting married is the benchmark of success, especially when you have a kid. It’s like, “Yeah they got it made, probably gonna live a happy life since they are such a cute couple!”. I think that’s shit because the world is so frigging huge. There are billions and billions of people in the world, so much so every person, every culture you encounter packs a surprise. I do not have the opportunity to travel the world as of now, though I would wish to. I don’t think “the one”, or your one true love, or soulmate or whatever the hell you want to call’em, is actually singular and happens to be in the same country as you. There are many ones, it’s just we can’t meet them all. Sides, we work so hard, we wish for that special someone in our lives, but I am pretty it would all change if you ever get the chance to travel and meet the world.

-Divorce is motherf**king real, and so are other stuff

The cynic in me has seen too much shit happen. Unless you actually belong to that side of the fence, you tend to just hear like, “Oh yeah their parents are divorced” and hence you detect some weirdness in their character. But my point is, divorce is a motherfucker and it’s real. On wedding day it is all bells, joy and laughter, but what comes after? If things don’t work out, and some actually don’t, it’s divorce and it all goes downhill. The worst part is the kids suffer from that the most.

Now I am not from a broken family, but my dad passed away when I was 20 and it hit me like a truck. It simply boils down to the same thing, that things happen and shit is always real.

-You just never know how you will feel in the years to come

Things change since time moves. You just never know how you feel and things progress along the way. The sad thing is that some cultures tell you what to do your whole life, particularly in your youth. You may THINK that you are happy, with all your successes and failures, like scoring good grades in school, pleasing your elders, doing what your parents told you, but then when finally you realize you are old and dying, you come to that crisis point where you just realize, deep down, you are just unhappy and you need a change.

Sadly, for some, marriage and kids actually work as hindrance to happiness.Hell man, I have met so many people who actively cheat on their partners because they think it’s the only way to go.

WHOA that was one douchey long ass post filled with cynicism. Well to each his own. No hating okay? I understand it’s easily arguable that me, being the douchebag has not found hence not felt that pure feeling of love.

Like I actually care right now really.

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  1. Reni - May 5, 2013 2:27 pm

    Well said. Really like it!


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