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Okay. Funny ass story coming up. It made me wonder why people were so hard up in life.

I was at the club partying with my friends on a Saturday night.

As usual, we decided to talk to a couple of girls and bring them to our table.

We did it in non-douchey ways of course. We were respectful, polite and gentle with our words.

Yet, I still managed to piss a girl off.

How did I do it?

This was the conversation that went down:

Me: Hey.Would you like me to pour you some whiskey?

Her: *Evil glare at me* *Walks away to stand beside her friend*

Me: Okay…

Me asking her friend, “What’s wrong with her? Is she okay?”

Her friend: Oh she doesn’t like whiskey.

Me: … What?

So there I was, completely dumbfounded.

This girl, right in front of me took offence that I offered her whiskey. Yes, she didn’t talk to me for the rest of the night. She seemed very, very pissed off.

Well, I’m sorry your highness. I’m sorry we offered you and your friend a space at our table in the crowded-as-hell club and then offered you drinks which you didn’t have to queue up and pay for.


Several key lessons today.

1) Stop being so fussy in life

If you’re so nit-picky about everything, you’re not going to be happy. You’re also definitely not going to meet the right people/partner in life that way.

Nobody is perfect. Neither are you.

2) Nobody owes you a living

I wanted to call this subhead “Don’t take offence so easily”, but that’d be silly.

So don’t be a bitch. Nobody owes you a living. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean others need to bow down to you and your standards.

And if you show how easily offended you are… well, that’s really not attractive at all.

3) Just try to have fun in everything

If you can’t have fun, then life is going to be boring, stressful and ultimately unhappy for you.

And if you can’t be happy, then how are you going to find the right people in life?

So it’s time to reflect and look within yo.

Perhaps you’re unhappy, because you’re being too choosy or have too high of certain expectations which are constantly not met.

Perhaps you can’t find the right person to be with because you’re too fussy and you don’t give people, give life a chance.

Time to step it up and stop complaining. Don’t let yourself, stop yourself from being happy.

These offers below will help you meet the right people so you can be happy:

Guys, don’t meet women who are easily offended by whiskey.

Ladies, meet the dude of your dreams. A guy who who can treat you right.

P.S. If you get the offer from my links, I’ll give you all my books. Just remember to forward me your receipt as proof.

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