Let’s Fuck Self-Help Up!

And Get YOU To Start Learning Real Shit That Actually Matters


Hi, my name is Alden Tan.

And I am sick of all the stupid advice out there today.


Let me tell you an annoying story. I’m pretty sure you’ve encountered it in your life as well.

I’m a big writer on Quora. It’s a question-and-answer social network. You basically ask questions there and people answer it for you.

And most of the answers are there so fucking annoying. The supposedly “good” answers are written by “top writers” who are really nothing

but pretentious people feeding you bullshit.

I’ve seen questions like, “How do I ask her out?” And the top answer is, “DON’T GIVE UP!”

I’ve seen questions like, “What cool things can I do in my 20s?” And the top answer is,” TAKE ACTION!”

I’ve seen questions like, “I am in a deep depression. What advice can you give me?” And the top answer is, “MEDITATE AND BE MINDFUL!”

Bloggers, writers, self-helpers, life coaches (I hate them!), speakers and all them “gurus” are churning out┬ástupid advice like that too.


Let’s be extremely real: If you do have depression and it can be cured by an inspirational quote online, you probably don’t have depression at all.

It’s all cheesy nonsense. It’s making you stupid. It’s making you go backwards.


What I have for you today isn’t solely about depression. I am sorry. That’s too deep a topic.

I am just here to provide some honest and real advice which I think you can use.


That’s why I wrote Fuck The Universe: Solving Your Shit With Advice

That Isn’t Stupid.


Self-help shouldn’t have to be all about the law of attraction, tapping into the universe and other weird, new-age hippy crap!

You need motivation and confidence to get shit done? Do shit you love? Become super happy?

This is for you then.

And, unlike all the crap out there, this is super cheap.┬áThe aforementioned gurus, hippies, lifecoaches and other assholes claim to want to help, but they’re only really validating their nonsense with money.

As much as I’d like to make good money off this, my first priority is to create good art and hopefully, it can help you out.

Here’s the price.




Still unsure?! Here’s a safety net for you then.


If you think this books and that it didn’t help you at all, then it’s okay.

Let me know, I’ll give you back your money. No questions asked.

I don’t think $10 is a lot, but it’s still something. I don’t want to guilt trip you into thinking you’re wasting your life by buying crap.

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