Seriously, forget everything you know about motivation and stuff.

Let’s fuck self-help up!


I am sick of all the stupid advice out there today.

Bloggers, writers, self-helpers, life coaches (I hate them!), speakers and all them “gurus” are churning out really stupid advice today!

It’s all cheesy nonsense.

I don’t think life, and its solutions need to be that complicated.

That’s why I wrote Fuck The Universe: Solving Your Shit With Advice That Isn’t Stupid.

Self-help shouldn’t have to be all about the law of attraction, tapping into the universe and other weird, new-age hippy crap!

You need motivation and confidence to get shit done? Do shit you love? Become super happy?

This is for you then.

And, unlike all the crap out there, this is super cheap. Go for it:


More info needed?


Fuck The Universe is all about motivation so YOU can become productive as hell.

It’s all about goals, your dreams, what you love, what you truly want in life and you want to make out of it.

I wrote this book so you can finally realize that life is too short to simply lay around and do nothing.

I also wrote this book because I am tired of the fluff and bullshit out there that don’t help.

If you want to make your life better, become happier and start making real changes and achieve your goals…

Then just read this book.

Your dreams await you.

Only $10 and I know you’d be able to see a difference, like today!

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