Fuck exams!

I don’t think anyone really likes exams. They are stressful, annoying and most of all, they judge you for your degree of competence. It shouldn’t be that way, but that’s how it is and that’s super lame.

When I was 12 I fucked up my Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) with an epic-ly low score. Well I always knew I was the stupid one in the family, but it did make me feel like shit. I managed to study my way up, battled through all the fucking exams, fucking exams which I hated. Needless to say, I hated and still hate exams. I got my degree, which is nothing but a piece of paper.

How you should treat exams

There are 2 ways:

1) Realize like that they are important: Face it, if you live in modern society, fucking exams are important cause you go to school. You got to pass exams to become educated, apparently. Educated in the eyes of others.

Realistically speaking you should take exams seriously beacuse:

– Others will look down on you if you fuck up your exams, like you will be literally labelled the dumb one.

– You DO need some form of education to survive in this world. If you want a standard job that is. That piece of paper actually counts for something

– Following your passion, taking the road less traveled, doing something out of the norm and all that are great, but… sadly they aren’t generally accepted or followed by like 90% of the world. With shit like money, status and career on the line, education has a bigger role in life.

2) Realize that exams are just tests in school: Not life.

– They DO NOT judge your degree of competence. I mean what the fuck seriously? You study so hard, only to be tested by a lame multiple choice paper which in itself can be based on luck? And don’t get me started on the bell curve. You can study your ass off, but because of some super nerdy smart geeks, the curve goes awry and you are left with a shit grade, even though you probably had the answers correct.

– School is just a phase. When you graduate, your whole life is ahead of you. Career, money, family, friends and other shit matter more. Hell, some companies who interview you may not even give a shit about your grades.

Do yourself a favour

And keep it real. Yes exams are important. Getting an education is. I am not encouraging you to fuck it all up thinking that when you grow up things will be okay one way or another. Study hard, but take it easy. Screwing up an exam doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Getting an awesome grade doesn’t mean you are all that ¬†either.

Get your education, then pursue other shit in life that actually matter more. Follow your passion; follow your heart. Go do a good deed. Go do volunteer work, people who need help aren’t going to interview you on that. Write real music from your soul. Write poetry which sucks, but who cares? Go see the frigging world if you can. Absorb real culture.

The list goes on… Just don’t end up like this!

About this douchebag: I did not a score a single A in college. And I didn’t give a fuck. Every theory I learnt by some idiot back then are all lost. But it doesn’t matter, because I am learning everything myself now for a dream, which is this blog.

Peace out.


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