Free only for a couple of days: My Kindle Book

Alright let’s just cut to it!


This Shit Called Life: Can we stop fucking meditating and go grab a beer is now free on Amazon, but only for a few days.

Yep! My most personal and entertaining book is now up for grabs, at no cost.

As I’ve said before when I launched it, this book is not a typical book where I conveniently put a bunch of blog posts together then call it a book.

This book is:



*Funny and entertaining


Just pure stories! I mean yo, this reader reviewed it and said:

“The value definitely exceeds the asking price. Recommended for: Everyone, especially those who are tired of hyped-up, quick-fix B.S.!”

And now for a limited time only, it’s free.
Get it on Amazon now!

And did I mention ALL the reviews I got are 5-stars?

So go get it. Again, this free promo only last a few days, and after that price of the book will be going up. I’ve already set it.


P.S. All I ask in return is that if you like it, write a review for me! If you hate it, please don’t give me a 1-star review LOL, just kidding. Just be honest I’m cool.

P.P.S. Please help me share this free promo with your friends ok? Just share it on Facebook. It’d really help me.

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